Friday, May 13, 2011


{Don't you love those accidental shots that turn out awesome!}

So I think the reason I've been avoiding writing about California is because there is SO much to tell! So for now, I'm going to post pictures over two posts with some 'commentary' and then over the next few weeks tell some individual stories.

We left Friday morning around 10, after a late start. This was our first big trip in the Subaru and we were pretty excited! Not so excited to wake up at 7am though, like we were planning.

We finally got to their house in LA on Friday evening after a looooongish 7 1/2 hour drive.

It was my first time meeting Vince's dad Dave and his stepmom Amy so I was a little nervous, but now I love 'em! We went out at ate some DELICIOUS dinner at a restaurant, and guess what? It had a gluten free menu! I was stoked and I ate some yummy turkey meatloaf and snacked on Vince's green corn tamales. The tamales were pretty much the best things I ever tasted. 

After eating we watched Exit Through the Gift Shop and it now my most favorite documentary! {If you look at my Netflix queue, pretty much 90% of the movies are documentaries...} I highly recommend it. Then we crashed out. Vince and I were super tired from driving all day.

In the morning I made some french toast and then we headed to the beach! We rode our bike up and down the beach which was a lot of fun.

And just in case you've never seen the ocean before, here's a picture for you. Hehe.

While on the bike path that was at least a few miles {maybe I'm just delusion at it was 1/2 a mile!} we went past this area that was conserved and it was BEAUTIFUL! It smelled so wonderful and was a nice change of scenery from all the buildings.

Another fun place that we rode our bikes through was a 'Little Venice' type thing! I didn't know this, but  Dave said that part of Venice, CA was built after Venice, Italy. They have a neighborhood that has little canals running through it and the most darling houses on the edge. 
Isn't it lovely?! I would love to live here.

And to end our ride we went to the Santa Monica Pier which I had never seen before! I've been to Venice Beach before but never got to the pier. Did you know that Route 66 ends right there on the pier? Ya, I didn't either, but Dave did!

After our ride we ate at another delicious delicious restaurant. I got a greek salad with was just perfect for after a bike ride. I also got a strawberry banana smoothie and Vince got this drink with beets, ginger, carrots and a few other veggies. It was a little too gingery for me, but not too bad!

We got done with everything around 3pm and it was a wonderful day. It was definitely a great way to spend the day after being cooped up in a car for so long! Aroudn 4pm we headed to Vince's mom and aunts house in Redlands to spend the next couple nights with them. 

But first, we had to stop in downtown LA at the gluten free mecca Babycakes NYC! 

I must say, it's not as fabulous as a person would think for paying $5 for a cookie, but more to come on that.

So, that was the first 2 days! The last two days I will post about later. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

Speaking of which, I am SO glad I took a point and shoot with me. My old one broke but days before the trip I got the Kodak Share from my mom and it's awesome. There is NO WAY I would have carried my big D-SLR with me!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to hear more about your trip. :)

    Your pictures make me wish I could take a trip there now and go to Little Venice! The weather looks like like it was gorgeous.

    (Oh and Will and I love documentaries - I will make sure to put that one on our Instant Queue!)

  2. Looks like lots of fun!

    And I know what you mean... sometimes I feel like I'd like to just take my silly Kodak with me instead of hauling around that heavy guy... but then when I do, I always feel bummed I didn't get much better photos.

    Yet another first-world problem, eh?