Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guess how much I love you? 40 bags of tater tots worth.

Well, Roxanne, I loved you $120 worth today TO GET A NAIL TRIMMED. 

Granted, that nail was exposing a sensitive nerve ending, but still,
one hundred and twenty dollars
{And now your bandage smells like formaldehyde for some reason...} 

Do you know how many tater tots I could eat with that kind of money? Forty bags, that's how many. Pretty much a months supply. {Ha, not really. I don't eat that many tots. Maybe a month and a half...}

Speaking of tater tots, it seems as if my life is currently revolving around them. Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn't eaten them in nearly 3 years because there wasn't any gluten free taters, but now that I found one single brand, I'm totally hooked. You see, I used to eat massive massive amounts of tater tots. Ketchup and delicious crunchiness? I was in heaven. I'm going a little overboard now, though.

When I'm at the store looking at clothes, I think, 'Hmm, do I want this one shirt that will probably shrink when I wash it causing me to only wear it once, or do I want some more tater tots?' And I'm totally not joking.

When Vince and I were at Trader Joe's over the weekend, they had some really cheap roses. I thought, 'Oh man, only $6 for a dozen roses?! That's such a sweet deal! I don't like roses though, plus I'd rather get 2 bags of tots...' And just like that, it's the end of the discussion in my head.

Does anyone want to go to a Tater Tots Anonymous {TTA} meeting with me? I could really use some encouragement.


  1. Ha ha ha! Thats awesome!  I totally do that too sometimes to give me perspective, well not tater tots...but whatever I'm really liking at the moment.  Yes..our furry friends do cost us at times!  I hope Roxanne heals up well though! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that! hehe And so far, so good. She's running around on her foot and everything! Thanks for the well wishes. XD

  3. Ha ha ha, you're so funny and adorable!!!

    So what brand of tater tots are you referring to? I used to get Ryan some all the time but I don't remember what brand it was... maybe OreIda? I do remember I called like every single brand in the store though and only found one that was. 

  4. Oh and also, I LOVE your new heading. You're so talented!

  5. i like the way you were thinking when you said 40 bags of tater tots! lol but poor roxanne. hopefully her nail will grow back quick!

  6. Thank you! I'm not very funny in real life though, so let's just never meet. =P

    I'm reffering to Food Club! It's a generic brand from Bashas'. I think Orelda tater tots are not GF. I'm pretty sure there french fries are though....but I'm not positive!

  7. And thanks! I love the one you have up now, but if you ever want help, just let me know!

  8. I just seriously love tater tots! Haha and I think she's already over it. She's running around and jumping so I think she's good! Thanks =D

  9. Oh I will... Probably in June ha! =]

  10. I'm kind of the same way! I'm really awkward and blurt out random jokes until I know you better... but then I am HILARIOUS. To myself, at least.
    Well whatever brand it was, I called them so it must not have been OreIda then. I haven't gotten tater tots in forever though so I need to find some stat. Of course we don't have a Bashas' either so I can't run over there real quick-like. This calls for some research, methinks.

  11. I'll have t check Orelda next time and the store to make sure!