Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Trip to Phoenix

On Sunday afternoon Vince and I drove down to Phoenix for my grandparents {on my stepmom Pam's side} 60th wedding anniversary! We were originally going to go down there, visit with Vince's mom and aunt who happened to be in Phoenix at the same time, go to the party and then get a hotel. We were going to be lazy on Sunday and go to Trader Joe's and a few other places, and then head back up to Flag. Instead, we decided to drive down there, visit his family, visit my family, and then drive home!

We got to Phoenix around 12:30pm and I dropped my dad off with Pam, because he got a ride with us. Then we headed to Trader Joe's because I have heard about all the great gluten free food they had. I had saved money specifically to blow there and guess what? NOTHING. I found nothing that was gluten free that I felt was worth my money! In the entire store they had one gluten free bread, which I can also buy at Safeway. A lot of stuff that they claimed to be gluten free was also processed on equipment that contains gluten, so I couldn't have it anyways! I was so bummed about it, but I did buy 5 artichokes that were $.99, some rice, and some other things.

So I left TJ's pretty sad and annoyed and only spent like $30 on random stuff like salsa and lemon pepper {it was super cheap!}. We met up with Vince's mom Sharon and aunt Sandra and went to eat at Pita Jungle. I had a tattoo admirer/waitress there that loved my tattoos and loved the fact that I was only 19. It was so funny! She was a sweety and had a pretty sleeve as well. Then we went back to Sharon and Sandra's hotel and chatted for a bit and laid around before we headed to the anniversary party.

The party was fun and Vince even had a good time! There were tons of family that I didn't know, and most of the family I did know I hadn't seen for about 5 years, so NO ONE knew who I was! The last time they saw me I was a small and annoying 14 year old who hungout with the rest of the kids, and now I'm a tall grown up with tattoos.

Pam is a celebrant, so she also had a little ceremony where my grandparents lit a candle for our deceased family. She also read my grandparents love story, which was so cute, and read a bunch of other stuff that they had talked to her about. It was such a fun way to do an anniversary and you could feel the love in the room!

So after reintroducing myself to a lot of people and introducing Vince, we headed back to Flagstaff around 10pm. We stopped by In and Out because they have the best french fries and bun-less burgers and I also needed massive amounts of caffeine so that I wouldn't get too tired for the 2 hour drive home. I got a large soda and filled it with half Dr. Pepper and half Coca Cola. I was afraid that I was going to get too caffeinated and sugared out and be up until 5 in the morning, {considering I haven't had a soda in a couple weeks} but luckily that didn't happen! As soon as we got home, I brushed my teeth and fell right asleep.

It was a great little day trip and I had tons of fun! I completely forgot about my camera though, so...


  1. Nooooooo! I've been excited for months that we're getting a TJ's! Oh well, what can ya do?!

  2. Seriously! Maybe it was just that location though...that's what I'm hoping, at least!