Friday, April 22, 2011

Another week is gone...

I have no motivation to blog because I feel sickly right now, but at the same time I feel the need to for my own sanity. So here are some random thoughts.

*I see my future mother-in-law and aunt-in-law (?) in a week! Vince and I are going to California to visit them and we're both super excited. I also get to meet Vince's dad and stepmom for the first time. Can you say nervous?! I'm sure they are going to be nice, but those nerves are still there.

*I have eaten gluten free french toast 5 of the past 7 days. It's just so delicious!

*I'm jealous of Sara, who recently bought a 1973 Winnebago Brave, and who plans on fixing it up and traveling around with her new(ish) husband! I can't wait for the day when I'm done with school and can just go spend some time traveling. Follow her adventures and learn more about her good deeds HERE!

*I recently discovered Snickers ice cream bars at Sam's Club. Can you believe that in one ice cream bar there is HALF the sugar of one regular Snickers bar?! Does that mean I get to eat 2 ice cream bars instead? 

*I love Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Lotion. Smells delicious and is so calming!

*I'm kind of stressing out about school. I don't qualify for financial aid because I make too much money, but I am broke. It's not like I'm going shopping everyday or living an extremely lavish lifestyle, so it's hard for me to find ways to save money. I don't have any TO save! I really need to start applying for scholarships, but AHHHHH. I get drained just thinking about it. 

*My coin jar is 3/4 of the way full and I can't wait until it's full so I can do something with it!

*Pepsi. ♥


*I need to paint my nails, the polish is coming off.

*After I'm done writing this I'm going to play Harry Potter on the PS3. I just checked it out from the library and am excited to play it!

*Vince likes to watch the supernatural shows on SyFy and The Travel Channel, you know, the ones where they try and talk to ghosts? I HATE these shows and always get freaked out, even though I KNOW it's over dramatized for TV. He always puts them on and instantly falls asleep, and then gets annoyed when he wakes up later and notices I changed the channel. I always explain to him that he fell asleep and he ALWAYS says, "No way, I've been watching this whole time!" And then I die laughing because I had changed the channel at least 30 minutes previously.

Well, I hope that was the most interesting thing you have read all week. I'm counting on the fact that it probably was NOT. Anyways, have a good evening lovelies.

Oh, and say hello to my niece!

{I took this a while ago when I was babysitting Alyla and getting ready to meet a friend for tea. 
She LOVED being in the carrier. ♥}


  1. Steff, we're excited to see you guys too! I was laughing so hard at the part about Vinny falling asleep and claiming he was watching the entire time - that is so much like his Grandpa Sonny (our dad).

  2. Ahhhhh I feel so special to have been included in your blog! And you put up my hideously amateur button! You're my best blog friend ha ha.
    I can't believe you're just now finding out about Snickers ice cream bars! I should have told you when I read about you loving Snickers but I guess I didn't even think about it because of the dairy.
    And school... yuck. Financial aid is the worst. I ended up doing student loans through Wells Fargo. A lot of people I talked to said they wouldn't do that because they could never afford to pay back the loans but A)You have to pay back financial aid through the school too and B) my payment is like $60 a month. Plus you can always get it deferred.
    And finally, your niece is perfect!

  3. He does it all the time and it KILLS me! haha

  4. Of course I'd include you, I' love your blogs! And was that you who had asked for help making a button? I read it somewhere and was going to tell them I'd help, but then I couldn't remember who is was. But if it was you, I can make one for you if you want! I like the one you have though, it's not bad. =]

    I would feel so lame taking out loans though because it's only like $2000 a year, which isn't really THAT much. I would hate having to pay interest on that! But at the same time, when I become a nurse I'll be making quite a bit of money and could quickly pay off the 3 years of loans I would need. I've talked to Vince about it and we both want to avoid it for now, but if we find that we can't save enough money while I'm in school {since I'll cut back on my hours at work} then we'll be fine taking out loans. We'll see!

  5. She is soooo adorable...what a lovely niece to come hang out with you..ha ha! :) Get it..hang out...where is a drummer when I need would've made that pun so much better. Hearts, Janna lynn

  6. Yes, that was me! And that would be lovely... I'll upload the photos I want for it... hopefully by Monday... and then you can do your magic. =] Thank you though! I suppose for my first button it could certinly be worse. =]
    You know, if you can afford to do it without loans it's certainly better but if you're planning to go to NAU too, know that it won't be only $2,000 a year. Even through CCC you have to consider that some semesters you'll have four books at like $80 each, but one semester at NAU I had six classes so seven books and four of them were over $200.
    CCC wasn't as bad though. You know another thing you can do is ask family and friends for gift certificates to the bookstore or websites that sell books online and that'll at least cut your costs in that area.
    I found that if I could get the list fast enough to order my books through placesl ike Ebay, I generally paid about 1/3 of what my classmates are paying. Just have to make sure you get the right edition. And pretty much never sell your books back to the bookstore, only sell them online. If you pay $200 new, you're LUCKY to get $20 back for it from the bookstore but then they'll turn around and sell it agian for $100.
    But definitely try for scholarships! If you haven't already asked the nursing dept. specifically, I would... and also check online for scholarships regarding any "illnesses" you have. I got one once just for having a mild genetic disorder like half my family has.

  7. I hope that didn't sound pompous or bossy. I was only meaning to be helpful but after I read it I remembered how I HATE when people tell me what to do regarding things like that so if you'd like, feel free to only read the first five sentences. =]

  8. No, you didn't sound that way at all! I tend to do the same thing and always worry about it after, too. =D But you're good.

    I am going to complete the nursing program at CCC and then go a university for my Bachelors. At that point I'm pretty sure I would qualify for finacial aid though. i just won't this year.

    And yes, I never buy books new! Or sell them to the bookstore, they totally screw you over! I learned that a few years ago. =/

    And that's a really good point about the 'illness' scholarships! It seems like there are so any unique requirements nowadays for a lot of scholarships. I forgot about that!

    Thanks for all the info, I love it!