Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love her.

So some of you have read about my strange body {read: long torso} so you know my dilemma. Well, guess what?

An awesome lady named Janna Lynn, who blogs over at SheWearsCrazyWell, is doing a giveaway, and it's for a dress that is custom!

Well, there are 3 items to choose from, but I want the dress! It means I can tell her my torso is long, and IT CAN BE MADE LONG. <--- = me freaking out.

So I'm telling you about her because it gets me extra entries, NOT because I want you to go enter. Well, I guess you can go enter. She's a pretty awesome gal and anyone would be stoked to own some stuff of hers!

Head over to her wonderful spot in the internet world and check her out!


  1. I adore you! :) If for some super strange reason you don't win..weird right..lemme know your birthday :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. =D

    Once you add it to your shop, I'll swoop one up! My birthday isn't until July...foreverr....

  3. I entered the contest for the wOnsie... but I entered for you!
    I can buy any dress but you can't and I think EVERYONE should have enough dresses to wear a different one every day of the week if they so choose. =]

  4. Ahhhh you're so awesome! Thank you <3 =)