Thursday, March 24, 2011

Future kids: Will I like them?

Sometimes I wonder if I will like my future kids; my daughter{s} in particular. Of course I'll love them, but will I actually like them?

There's a lot of kids in my life, wether it's at work, the grocery store, friends kids, etc. Some of them are ASSHOLES. Seriously, I feel like tripping them and laughing as they fall because they totally SUCK. I think a lot of the bad behaviors {like punching, being extremely rude, back talking} are partially the parents faults, especially in the 4-10 year old range before they are heavily influenced by society, but sometimes they just suck either way.

While I hope I can raise my daughter well enough to be nice when she's younger, I really truly hope that she is not 'popular' in middle/high school. By 'popular', I mean the girl that is nasty to everyone else, has all her 'groupies', and thinks the world revolves around her and her friends. I don't want my kid to be a loner, per se, but I want them to know that they aren't particularly badass. Horrible to say, but so what. 

For those of you that weren't popular, that popular kids were pretty sucky, right? {For those of you who were popular, you're all shaking your heads shouting, "No I wasn't! Liar!"} They were the ones that would judge you for outrageous things like having small boobs or holding a nerdy boys hand, {true story: this girl called me a slut in middle school, before I had even KISSED a boy, and she had hickeys on her thighs and was bragging about it...!}, would make fun of you for farting but when they fart say it's a 'natural bodily function', get sweet cars for their 16th birthday, and were just fake in general. If I have a daughter and she's like that, my god, I don't know what I would do. 

I know one way to curb that behavior would be to not buy my kids any 'designer' crap. No American Eagle or PacSun {is that place even cool anymore?} until they can pay for it themselves. Straight up Goodwill for them. I was a Goodwill kid and guess what? I turned out ok. Those popular girls that I went to high school with? They still have their boobies hanging out, their skin so tan they look like they're from the Jersey Shore, and their hair is so blonde it's blinding. 

Another way would be to make them right the bus or walk to school. I don't remember any cool kid riding the bus, do you? There's also something humbling when you miss the bus and have to walk the 4 miles home.

I like to think that I don't judge those popular girls, and maybe I do, but I just feel bad for them. I see their pictures on Facebook {creeper} and I know that they aren't as happy as me. How can you be happy when you're constantly worrying if your boyfriend is going to cheat on you, if your boobs are big enough, if your make-up is messed up or if you haven't tanned in OH MY GOD 2 DAYS? I'd prefer my kids to not worry about that kind of stuff growing up.

I'd also like to not have to relive my nightmare of those bitches.


  1. Not gonna lie, I was totally afraid that I wouldn't like Haylie. LoL I had thoughts like "oh my gosh, what if she grows up to be a serial killer??" and "am I going to have to be one of those parents that lies and says their kid is the greatest or the cutest or the smartest, when really they're terrible and ugly and retarded?" But it's been 2 1/2 years and so far, I like her... most of the time. :)

  2. He he, I always hope that if I have kids I only have a son because I had so many problems with the popular mean girls in high school... my mom still tells me all the time I should write a book about some of the stuff they said/did. I even graduated high school early to get away from them. Everyone always told me high school's the best years of your life and you'll regret not going to your senior prom, etc., but you know what? I agree with you. I see some of those girls still so stuck in high school and I am SO much happier now, and I am so proud of myself and how much I achieved inspite of how miserable they made me feel.
    If you haven't seen that movie You Again, you should... it's all about a nerdy girl's brother marrying the popular girl who made her life a living hell and how she dealt with it.

  3. hahaha I've thought that too. I hope my kid isn't a serial killer! I'm glad you still like her, you've got a long way to go. =P

  4. You SHOULD write a book! I love love love reading stuff like that! At least blog about it. hehe

    Luckily I didn't have too many issues with the popular girls, but I did have a lot of issues with many other girls. Especially since I had way more guy friends than girl friends...that caused a lot of drama.

    I'm glad that i'm not stuck in high school either. And the first prom I went to as a sophomore kind of sucked, so I'm glad I didn't go to my junior or senior prom. I'm so happy to be away from that kind of drama and luckily I don't tolerate it in my life now!

    I have that movie right now, I just need to watch it! I have it checked out from the library. I didn't know it was about that, but now that I know I'll watch it soon!

  5. I think with your values, your kids would be good people.
    I feel sorry for the popular kids in school - I am 30, and I can tell you, none of the cool kids in my year went on to university and got kick ass careers and lives. They all married each other, cheated on each other, and never seemed to move on from high school. It's kinda pathetic.

  6. Well, thank you. =D

    And ya, i've noticed that a lot too. All the people I went to high school with aren't quite married, but they are STILL dating and STILL being cheated on and acting like they're in high school. It baffles me as to why they even stay in the relationships! It's definitely pathetic.