Saturday, February 19, 2011

To my lovely Mormons.

I was hanging out with my grandparents the other day and my grandma expressed how much she loves my hair.

How could she not, seeing that it went from this to this:

I can't believe I ever had hair that looks like that. Thanks a lot FRIENDS for letting me go out in public looking like that.

ANYWAYS, she was saying that she loved it and that it made me look more mature, not 'old'. I liked her way of putting it because I've always looked older than my age, yet my new hair makes me look younger and older at the same time. 

I told her that I think I look mormon. I'm even starting to wear modest t-shirts like a Mormon. {And yes, I know, not all t-shirt wearing people are Mormons, calm down.}

Now, some people may take offense to me saying stuff like that. I truly don't mean it to be offensive though. Some people may even take offense to the fact that I tag some of my blog posts with 'My Mormon Is Showing." I feel that since I was raised Mormon and know quite a bit about the Mormon 'culture' I can make comments like that. It's also my way of expressing who I am, and a lot of my really great qualities I have I attribute to the fact that I was raised Mormon. So I guess in a way, it's me giving credit to them. Whoa, I know, weird way of showing my love. Despite the flashy tattoos and the fact that I'm very much so a democrat, I'm a Molly Mormon at heart. Besides, I rarely say anything bad about that religion, and it's usually not my place to say anything. {Except when it comes to LGBT rights. Moving on...}

I absolutely love ALL of my Mormon family and friends, and don't care what religion they are. I think that as long as it makes them happy, why not? 

My step dad is getting baptized into the LDS {Mormon} church today. My grandparents and mom asked me how I felt about it, and I think they were a little surprised by my answer. I said I was HAPPY. Excited even! 

Why would I be excited that he wanted to be part of a church that I disagree with on SO many things? {Yet there are also many things I agree with!} 

Because it makes him HAPPY. I want him to be the happiest person he can possibly be and if belonging to that church makes him happy, then it makes me happy. He's gone through some tough things recently and I think it's great for him to have a support system, whether it's through other members of the church, his visiting teachers, or just knowing there is a 'God' out there who is protecting him and loving him. {I don't believe in God with a capitol G, but I believe in something, I just don't know yet. Definitley not a god, though, more of a feeling, but that's for another post.} 

Whatever can get him through the hard times is wonderful and I'm glad he has that. 

I have delicious food and crafting, so why should I be upset he has his God?


  1. How great that you're so tolerant! So many people claim to be tolerant but still have to argue their opinions to others. Nice to see someone actually practicing what they preach for a change! =]

  2. I think your "My Mormon is showing" label is funny. :) Sometimes I feel like that would be a good way for me to describe things I do or say.

  3. Sweet, Mormon approved! Haha and to some people, it is a good explanation!

  4. I think your "My Mormon is showing" label is funny. :) Sometimes I feel like that would be a good way for me to describe things I do or say.