Friday, February 18, 2011


{The killer cup my brother Connor got me for Christmas with a PB shake I'm about to devous!}

Agagagga. The commercial for the movie 'Rio' just came on the TV and it starts out with the sound of an alarm clock. I immediately cringed and closed my eyes and my head started to hurt. I HATE the sound of an alarm clock. 1} because I love sleeping and 2} because it's such an awful sound.

I also cringe/convulse and get an immediate mini-headache at others weird things, such as coughing. What the hell? I know, it's so weird. When Vince was sick over Christmas I actually cried because he kept coughing and it physically hurt my body to be so tense all the time. It's not like a little, 'Oh my god, your cough is so annoying," it's like a "Oh my GOD, my body hurts every time you cough. STOP. PLEASE." A couple of nights I even had to sleep on the couch because I would just lay there and cry.

Fortunately, tonight, I get the bed to myself because Vince is out of town! {But to all you creepy stalkers, be aware that I have 2 vicious dogs that will bite you. Just warnin' ya.} 

He left for a bike race and I'm excited to have a few days to myself. It isn't a 'vacation' because I have the dogs, which are pretty tiring to take care of, but at least I get the bed, TV and house to myself.

I also get a huge juicy steak to myself! Ever since I started working out I have been craving steak like crazy. Every few months I crave steak, and I usually listen to my body, so I bought a huge steak to eat tonight with potatoes and it was delicious. Vince was sad that he was going to miss out on it! 

Speaking of working out, this is what happens when I pull out my yoga mat:

And this is what happens when I sit down to write:

{The computer is on my lap.}

The dogs just love being all up in my grill.

Anyways, have a happy and safe Friday!

Oh and look at my new t-shirt from the Basement Market Place that FITS MY TORSO. I'm so excited that it's long enough to fit me!


  1. I think I have a blog crush on your blog.
    It's completely plutonic, and before you get any weird vibes, I'm married... but you are so cute and fun to read! =]

  2. Hahaha no, I know that feeling! It makes me smile when people say that...or along those same lines. =D I'm glad you like it!!