Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear Vince AKA The Idiot who I Chose to Spend the Rest of My Life With, 

I love you, I truly do. I love waking up to your bearded face and big body taking up most of the bed. I love listening to you talk and talk about the same thing for hours because you are so excited about it. I even love cooking you dinner and washing watching you wash the dishes. All of these things make me happy, which makes me love you. What I don't love, however, is when you don't listen to my great ideas. Take, for example, keeping the new dog PUPPY in a crate my generous friend let us borrow for when we are both at work.

You didn't take that advise though. Instead, you let her roam free around the house because you thought she was "so cute" sleeping next to Roxanne and you felt "so bad" to make her go in the crate because she "didn't want to".  Now our house is trashed. 

We have torn up soda/beer cans, eaten shoe laces, the couch is torn apart, the carpet is soaked with pee, tin foil is scattered, paper is ripped to shreds, plants are eaten, packaging is everywhere, the expensive blinds are chewed and my expensive gluten free 'Oreos' were eaten by someone other than me. 

All because you thought she was "so cute".
Cute. My. Ass. 

Though the house wasn't as bad as last week, but we could have prevented it this week!

Next time, dear, kind, loving man, listen to me. 

Or you will sleep in the crate. I swear.

♥ Munchy


  1. Oh man, I'd kick his ass for the GF Oreos alone!

  2. hahahahaha "Or you will sleep in a crate." So funny. Poor Vince just loves the doggies so much though! lol! Izzy is so funny and STINKY! LOL!

  3. She's not as stinky as of the past 2 days, yay! haha

  4. Oh my gosh that would be soooooo frustrating (both the dog and the Vince)! Good job giving the situation some humor though. I definitely enjoyed reading it :)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I'm just glad he's realized that she really needs to go in there now! And she actually likes it haha

  6. She's not as stinky as of the past 2 days, yay! haha