Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Because of my post yesterday, the universe decided to curse me and say, "Ha, you complained about that?! Let's see what else I have in store..." Thus, this came about:

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Does anybody want to train my dog?! 

My house was spotless when I went to work today, except for the dishes not being done. Everything was where it was supposed to be: on shelves, in recycling bins, on counters, etc. I tend to forget that Izobel is HUGE and can reach anything and knock anything over.

I had a tupperware container full of cornstarch that I use when I make earrings, and she CHEWED THE LID OFF and dumped the container on the carpet. Did I mention we still haven't bought a vacuum? I just use the broom and it works perfectly. Luckily it worked perfectly for the cornstarch or i don't know what I would have done. 

She also dumped a cup full of sunflower seeds, brought beer cans from the recycling and left them all over, managed to get all the pillows off the couch, grabbed the compost off the counter, chewed up her harness, chewed up a Croc, knocked a plate off the counter, and ripped up a plastic bag. How fun would ripping up a plastic bag be, anyways? It's so soft!

So ya, this was a little frustrating to come home to, especially because she had 2 big bones to chew on. I don't know if she's just bored or if it's because she's still a puppy. She is only 9 months old. Hmpf.

Today was beautiful outside though, in a sense. It was brutally cold and extremely windy, but there were little flurries of snow with the sun shining through.

It was also fun to go to JoAnne's fabric store today and get the fabric I needed to make my friend Annie's birthday present! 

I obviously can't say what it is because she reads the blog, but I'll probably post about it this Sunday. 

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