Sunday, February 6, 2011

Joy of Love Day 6

Today's assignment for the Joy of Love class was to take a photo of something our love loves. {Does that make sense?  It sounds weird to me...} 

Vince absolutely loves bike riding, more than pretty much anything. When we first were hanging out, I rode a lot with him; we got me a new bike and full body gear and went shredding all the time:

While I had a lot of fun doing it, it was more stressful than stress relief, like it is for him. We were always riding super gnarly trails on the edge of giant cliffs! I still enjoy regular bike riding, just not trails that I definitely need full body armor on. Now I just shuttle everyone and take pictures. =]

He's been a downhill mountain biker for over 20 years though and rides as often as he can. I like that he rides because it keeps him in great shape. {AKA very sexy.}

Because he loves riding so much, I took pictures of one of his many bikes! I couldn't decided on just one picture though, so here are a few:





Bike riding is also a thing Vince and my dad have in common, which is pretty cool. They frequently talk about bikes when we all hangout and different spots to ride. Vince is also teaching my dad different things about fixing bikes since he's a bike mechanic!


  1. Very cool photos of the bike parts!
    And thanks for visiting my blog :). Izzy is Isabelle too!

  2. great photos of the bike parts - great post :)