Sunday, February 27, 2011

I NEED this.

I find myself feeling like I 'need' things more often, even though I know I don't 'need' like 99% of the stuff I have in my house. 

I am definitely feeling like I NEED  to buy this, NOW. It is so incredibly beautiful. LOOK AT THE HANDLE; oh my goodness, my heart is truly aching for it.

{image via it's Etsy shop ModishVintage}

I can't wait until I get this book shelf so I can display some of the amazing tea pots that I have been accumulating.

For example, this one, that my future mother in law and aunt sent me for Christmas:

If I would have seen this one before I owned it, I would have felt like I 'needed' it to. It's beautiful and so darling!

I wonder if when I have a lot of money someday {because I will, ya know} if I will still appreciate things like I do now. If $69 was chump change to me, would I still ache after it and want it, because I could simply buy it? I think I'll be able to keep myself in check still, even when I'm not worried about saving every extra penny. Until then, I will just sit on my couch and admire the beauty.

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