Tuesday, January 25, 2011



I had the day off because I'm working on Saturday instead, so I was working on putting in a new zipper {yes, the same one I was working on on Sunday...or Saturday?} in a riding jersey, so it's stretchy spandex/polyester fabric. I can put in a regular zipper easily, but stretchy stuff I had never done before. 

The first time I tried, the fabric stretch way too much and the zipper got all curvy. I finally decided to use fusible tape to make sure the fabric stayed in place. Then I had to find the right way to stitch it on while making it look good. Unfortunately, not many stitches looked good because I could never get them straight, due to the fact that the fabric wouldn't ever stay put.

I finally figured out how to sew it and it looked perfect! I was putting the finishing touches and about to sew one last part, up near the collar and I did something super stupid. Like royally stupid. 

The length of the zipper was too long for the jacket, so I had to cut a little bit off top to make it fit. That meant that if I brought the zipper off too far before I sewed a stopper onto the end of it, I would ruin the zipper by having the pull tab fly off. 

Can you see where this is going? Ya, I pulled the zipper tab right off the zipper. Meaning I have to rip out that zipper and sew a new one in.

Luckily, I know exactly what I'm doing this time around and it will take 10 minutes tops but I'M SUCH A DOOFUS!

Anyways, the rest of my day was pretty awesome. I got to watch a few hours of Grey's Anatomy on Hulu because I've forgotten to watch it the past few weeks!  

I also got to eat potatoes, one of my favorite foods. 
When Vince and I were at the grocery store the other day we saw these potatoes on sale, 10 for $10:

Before I went gluten free and when I never cooked, we ate these all the time. I checked the ingredients and they are gluten free! So we bought 10.  Because they were on sale.

Now I can't stop eating them because all you do is add boiling water plus I can eat it straight from the pan. Probably not very healthy, but I don't really care. It's too delicious.

Here's the other foods I ate today:

{Pepperoncinis, GF cookies {like Oreos}, blueberries, and brown cow yogurt}

I didn't eat any 'real' food until Vince got home and gave me a couple pieces of his Cactus Roll with spicy tuna. SO GOOD. 

Now I'm watching Dinner With Shmucks with Vince, which is hilarious. And watching Roxanne sleep sitting up:


  1. It is unfair of you to post pictures of both potatoes and sushi in the same post, as I can have neither for dinner tonight.

  2. But potatoes are only $1!! Haha

  3. Hey by chance have you tried Kinnikinnick's new GF "Oreos" yet? I think some of their foods are delicious and some are disgusting so I won't buy anything by them unless someone else tells me it's good!

  4. I don't think I've tried those ones yet. I couldn't remember if I had bought those or the Glutino brand, so I just went with Glutino haha

    I don't really like the filling though, just the cookie, so I'm probably not going to buy these again. I'll stick to the bag of Pamela's chocolate cookies. They are only like 3 bucks for a huge bag of them and they are the best cookies I have ever tasted, gluten free or not.

  5. Oh yeah I love Pamela's cookies... if you didn't already know, you can cut off the proof of purchases and mail six of them in they'll send you six free cookies. =D

  6. Ahh! I did NOT know that! I've bought so many of those. haha Thanks for letting me know =]

  7. You are welcome! Now we're even for the English Muffin Rings. =P
    Next time you're in New Frontiers look on their little brochure wall for the Pameala's one and the form you mail with proofs of purchase is on the back of it. =]

  8. I'll look out for it! Thank you soo much. XD

  9. I'll look out for it! Thank you soo much. XD

  10. It is unfair of you to post pictures of both potatoes and sushi in the same post, as I can have neither for dinner tonight.

  11. But potatoes are only $1!! Haha