Sunday, January 16, 2011

New addition to the family!

You read that right, I have a new addition!
Not a human baby, but a puppy!

I've been trying to convince Vince to get another dog for a few months now, but haven't pressed to hard. I woke up yesterday, though, and knew that today was the day we were going to get a dog.

I was still in bed, and while he was making breakfast I shouted, "We're going to the pound after you eat breakfast and we're getting a dog!"

" way. You're crazy," Vince shouted back.

But I insisted that today was the day, and it was either a baby or a dog. Needless to say he'd prefer a dog than a baby.

I looked at the Second Chance website because they list dogs that they have there. I found a couple of dogs that I liked, but I wasn't immediately in love. I then got to a listing for Ingrid, a black lab/setter mix and again, shouted to Vince in the kitchen to come look at this dog, she's so cute!

We threw Roxi in the car in the early afternoon and headed to the Humane Society, because Vince thought they were a better organization than Second Chance {though he didn't give a reason why...}.

I told him that I'm fine not getting a dog today if none of them fit with our family, but he didn't believe me. He said I would take home a dog wether I liked it or not.

After looking at about 20 dogs, though, none of them fit our family! They were either too big, not potty trained{landlords rule}, too much like Roxanne{aka CRAZY}, or just not getting a good vibe.

We agreed to drive out to Second Chance. Ingrid{whose name we changed to Izobel, because Ingrid wasn't even her real name} was playing outside in the yard and I immediately fell in love with her, she was so cute and SO calm! We asked to get a visiting room with her and she was so oblivious to what was going on and didn't really care. She just laid down and went to sleep!

We asked the guy helping us if there was a big play area outside where we'd be able to let them meet and let Roxanne off her leash because she goes nuts when she sees other dogs. He said sure, so we got Roxanne from the car and brought her to the big play area; this was the craziest part of the day.

ROXANNE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HER. Roxanne always tries to be dominant and play with other dogs instantly. All the dogs did was sniff each other for 4 or 5 seconds, and then walked away from each other and completely did their own thing. I just started laughing because we had just told this guy that Roxanne is crazy and that she was going to be all anxious, yet here she was totally ignoring this dog. I knew immediately that she was perfect for our home. I don't care if they play with each other, I just don't want them to fight!

When we all got home, things got a little tense because Roxanne got protective of us, her food, her treats, etc. In just the day that's passed, Roxi's gotten a little better. They even lay together now, though a little hesitantly!

And they like to lay in the kitchen and chew on their bones{loudly}.

Izobel {Izzy} is exactly like me in the sense that she just likes to cuddle and sleep. I'm sure she likes walks when she's on them, but she's not like Roxi, always wanting to go outside. Izzy will be perfect to go on runs with, and Roxi is perfect to go on bike rides with.

Because Izzy is only 9 months old, she's still growing and walks around like a drunk dog because she's so clumsy. It's so cute.

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