Monday, January 3, 2011


I recently just started following this blog It is a wonderful, inspiring, interesting blog and I highly encourage you to read it! One of my favorite features is the "True Story" one where she has a guest write about something, whether it be an abortion, having tattoos, growing up with a crazy family...many things that are FASCINATING to me.

I came across this article today and it's truly uplifting and makes me want to achieve my dreams NOW. The author was doing a guest post of yesandyes and it definitely gave me a lot of 'oomf' to get off my ass and do stuff and work on the things I love constantly. I bookmarked this article because it's something I will want to come back to every once in a while when I'm feeling down and lazy.

"And then it hit me. No one will make my dreams come true but me. No one. I had a choice to either stop dreaming or get to work."

Well, folks, I'm gettin' to work!