Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Finds

Last weekend Vince and I went around to a few thrift stores in town. We originally went to drop off a few boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army and then look at a table in front of another thrift store I had driven by.

After dropping off the boxes, we went to a family owned thrift store to look at the table and it was $199! At a THIFT store. I mean, come on. That's ridiculous. I immediately got annoyed and just wanted to go home. {Can you tell that I'm a really fun person to be around?} Vince wanted to 'waste time' though, and look around the store inside. As we were walking through, I noticed a lot of cute things I wanted to buy like a tea cup, a few vases; just random knick knacks. Every time I looked at the price, though, my jaw dropped. $40 for one rusty old {but not antique}
BAR STOOL that was missing 2 of the anti-scratch bottoms? $50 for a tea pot that also wasn't antique and could get from Target for $10? I wanted to get out of there quickly because that was ridiculous. I completely understand raising prices slightly in a rough economy because every has bills to pay, but $160 for a lamp? OUTRAGEOUS.

As we were walking out, the owner started talking to us and said if we had a price to offer on anything, her would consider it. I felt so guilty telling him there wasn't really anything we needed. He's a great guy {he makes popcorn in an old machine for the neighbor kids} and was just trying to make some money! But alas, we didn't have that kind of money to spend.

Once we left that place {which I don't want to name}, we went to Goodwill. That is where we I scored. I found a new pair of jeans that fit fabulously, and there is no way I can shrink them because they've already been washed! That's why I love second-hand jeans because I never remember to take my jeans out of the dryer. In addition to the pants, I got a cute shirt, some bowls, and a teapot.

When we moved into the new place, I used two of our pretty bowls as food/water dishes for Roxanne and then realized that left us humans with only two bowls. AKA: Washing the bowls over and over every time we use them.

The new ones are nice and large and were only a buck each...

Oh, and that deliciousness inside the bowl? That would be sautéed mushrooms with garlic.

The tea pot, however, is what I was most excited about. I collect tea pots and this one was only $2.99! It's the perfect size and just so simple. Now I have 6 teapots in my collection {if you could call it that}.

For a lot of my birthday's and Christmas, my mom would always buy me little tea sets. They were cheap dollar store ones the majority of the time, but they were cute and I always looked forward to getting them. I just wish I had kept some of them.

Now I get to sit here and drink tea from my lovely teapot, eat some ice cream from my vibrant bowl, and read the best young adult book I have read in a long time, while Vince watches The Karate Kid. ♥

Oh, and did anyone in F-Town catch the sunset the other night? With all the prescribed burns going on, the smoke makes them stunning.


  1. Great post--I get to know you a bit better. Do you collect tea cups also? ♥U

  2. =] good! I do collect tea cups, but they have to be hefty ones. I'm really bad with fragile things! <3 ya