Monday, November 8, 2010

Not a Service We Provide

Tonight as I was sitting at a red light, the rain/sleet was pouring down onto my car. I was so in the moment and totally enjoying the calm pitter patter while cars flew past me. Vince and I might be moving to a new house on December 1, so I was thinking about how I hope it's not snowing when we move. I jokingly wondered if the weather report has the forcast for the next month. Of course I knew they didn't, but I thought it would be cool if they did. Then I burst out laughing as I remembered something that happened a few months ago.

It was a super stormy day and I was at work at the library; it had been raining on and off for a couple of days. This guy came up to the front desk and asked a co-worker of mine when it was supposed to stop raining. She said she wasn't sure, and she asked me. I said, "Hold on one sec, I'll check on NOAA for you." So I type it in and it said something like a 60% chance of rain for the next few days, so I told him. He looked at me like I was totally stupid. He then proceeded to ask, "Well, no. Like do you know how long it's supposed to rain for? Like 10 more minutes, or an hour?" I just sat there and tried SO HARD not to cry laughing. If I knew the weather that well, I sure as hell would not be working in a library! I told him that no, I had no idea when it was supposed to stop, and that there was not a weather report like that. It totally made my day, though, because it was SO funny. {I really wanted to say, "That is not a service we provide."}

I know that Roxi can't wait for there to be tons of snow again whether we're moving or not!

I'm going to leave you with my all time favorite winter season band, Paper Birds. I usually associate memories with music, and when I started snowboarding again a few seasons ago, I listened to this band pretty much all day every day as I rode the chair lift. Because of this, anytime it gets cold outside/snowy, I crave them. Weird, I know.

I could only find a live version of them singing, which isn't horrible, but you should check out their stuff on iTunes. My favorite album is Anything Nameless and Joymaking. These ladies have incredible voices and the strings and horns are funky good. Every single time I listen to any of their songs I ALWAYS get the goose bumps. Even though I've listened to this album literally hundreds of times.

I think the first time I heard them, I thought they were slow moving. I don't know why I thought that, but if you think that, give them another try!

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