Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Love.

I have a new favorite author. And I'm in love with her. Jodi Picoult.

Most people have seen the movie My Sister's Keeper, which is based off one of her books. I noticed that we had the book on CD at my work, and I needed something to listen to, so I checked it out and put it on my iPod. The movie follows the story pretty well, but of course there are SO many more details and other big events that happen in the book. Jodi writes so amazingly well and she is so incredibly detailed. She truly digs in deep and finds little facts to throw into the story.

I just finished reading her newest book House Rules and it was WONDERFUL. It's about an autistic boy who is obsessed with forensics and gets accused of murdering his tutor. There are so many twists and she truly displays what it's like to be around a kid with autism. You can tell that she did an extensive amount of research for this book, and didn't just come up with it. It feels like you're learning as you read the book, yet you can't tell until afterwards, when you think about it.

Right now I'm reading her book 19 Minutes, about a high school shooting, and again, she really throws herself into the mind of the characters. Everything is so precise and fits together perfectly. I love the fact that she explains a large part of the story through the killers eyes, not just the victims. (Thanks Kelly for recommending this!)

In case you can't tell, I highly recommend her. So head down to your local library of book store and get it!


  1. i recommend vanishing acts. its another book by her.

  2. I started that one but couldn't get into it. I think it's because I had 19 Minutes as well, and I was really excited about that. I'll have to try it again though!