Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Halloween Snacks

For those of you who need snack ideas for kiddos, here are some fun ones I used at work for my 2 teen/youth halloween parties. The kids loved all of it!

Candy corn: You can never go wrong with that. I put them in a 'spooky' wine glass.

Rotten Witches Fingers: Super simple; baby carrots with olives on top.

Bat Guano: Aka Chocolate Chips.

Rotten Sandwiches: Ya, gross. But the kids loved them. They were made with Nilla Wafers, chocolate puddings, and gummy worms! The original recipe {that I don't remember where I found it...Martha Stewart?} called for chocolate frosting, but pudding is cheaper. Be sure to make these right before serving, otherwise they will get soggy.

Goblins Blood: I just used lemonade with some green food coloring.

I also put out marshmallows in a bowl and labeled them 'Captured Ghosts' and made these coffin boxes filled with candy for prizes. I didn't get a picture, but wish I did. They are so much cuter than Martha's. Seriously.

I always want to decorate my house for Halloween but never find the time for it. I'm glad I
'had' to for work because I got to decorate for something at least!

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