Monday, March 6, 2017


Ok. Once a month posting will be my new goal. That is probably doable. Maybe. Ugh, I'm the worst blogger!

Anyways, some updates. I'll start with the biggest:

// We bought a house! We were renting my grandparents house while they were on a mission in Mexico, and they came back earlier than expected. The rental market in our city is ridiculous, so it was cheaper to just buy a house. We lucked out and got a perfect perfect perfect A-frame cabin in the woods. It has needed a LOT of work and still needs a lot of work, but it's been great settling in and putting money into something that is ours. I have a lot of before and after pictures that I hope to post soon!
// I've been a nurse on my very own for about six months now. It has been awesome and way different than I expected nursing to be! I've already learned I don't want to be a floor nurse forever, but for now I am learning SO much and it's a good place to be. I ultimately want to be a nurse practitioner, so I'm accepting that I need to go back to school. Yes, I'm dying inside as I type that. Ha! But really, being a nurse is great and I really do love my career. I'm working three nights on, four nights off, which is working out for now. It's hard on Devin and Vince to have me sleeping during the day and out of bed at night, but the extra money is nice. I will switch to days as soon as I'm able, though. ;)
// Devin is TWO. That happened so fast. She is talking up a storm, being demanding as all get out, and learning so quickly. We started her at an in-home daycare for one full day and one half day a week, and it's been helpful. It's nice to have a day almost to myself to get stuff done while Vince also gets alone time skiing. The half day is on my sleeping day, so Vince gets a break. I plan on doing a full post on what Devin is up to, but for now I'm pretty good about keeping up to date on Instagram!
// Roxanne had a very rough 2016, but is having a better year already. In July, she started getting weak, wasn't able to walk, started having accidents in the house, and stopped eating/drinking. We took her to the vet and spent hundreds (er, thousands?) over a few weeks figuring out what was wrong with no luck. We gave her pain meds, antibiotics, everything! The vet finally said there was nothing more to do and thought it was a muscular issue and recommended we try doggy rehab. Roxi was slowly getting better so we put it off because life was crazy, but a couple months later she regressed again. I had to lift her off the ground because she couldn't stand herself up, could only walk a few feet, and was in so much pain she would snap if Devin got anywhere near her. It was terrible! This time we scheduled a rehab appointment that included acupuncture, laser therapy and a water treadmill. It wasn't cheap and I didn't know if it would help, but alas, it did! We started off going twice a week, then once a week, and are now down to every two weeks and about to switch to every three. She is getting back to her old self and can trot, jump around, and even go up and down stairs. She has absolutely no muscle, like I can feel all her ribs and spine, but we're slowly helping her build it back up. I don't know if she'll ever be back to normal, but she's at least happy and healthy again.
// Vince is a stay at home dad and has been doing courtesy patrol a couple times a week to get some skiing in, but plans on finding a job soonish now that Devin is going to daycare. Plus, he needs some adult interactions! He has been a saint with Devin and making sure I'm sane for work.
// I somehow can't think of anything else going on? I'm going to just post this instead of trying to think of something more.

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