Friday, July 24, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Devin

1) Devin woke up at 4:30am (Friday) after being up every...half hour? Hour? And didn't fall asleep until 2. I am verrrrrry over it. So I am currently holding her in bed as she sleeps, willing myself not to readjust even though I'm uncomfortable and I have no feeling in my left arm.

2) Devin cannot handle strawberries in my diet and her poops have been some very strong evidence of that. Going from pooping once every few days to pooping 10-12 times a day has been rough on both of us. But the day after I cut out the strawberries, it reduced to 6 and is getting better! So is her poor red hiney.
3) She just gets more fun every day. (When you don't take into account her early wake up times...) She's becoming even more interactive, loves picking up and chewing on toys, making eye contact and smile. So much fun.

4) Being wrapped is her favorite thing ever still. If she's crying and she sees me pull it out, she stops and gets excited! 
5) Cloth diapering is still going strong and we have yet to need a disposable. Hopefully we'll keep it up through next semester. (I have no doubt that we will. #clothforlife)
6) She loves her dad SO much. If he comes in after work when I'm trying to put her to sleep she'll immediately perk up and smile. Even if she hears his voice she looks around for him with a grin! 

7) Vince and I often comment that any future children we have could never compare to her and that they'll all be little terrors because they can't live up to her perfection. Sorry, future littles!

Oh look, she just woke up again. Maybe our future babes will sleep better.

7 Quick Takes seen on Camp Patton! 


  1. Then someday you'll wonder how on Earth you could have thought that about said littles! ;]

  2. Devin is just so sweet! Vi does the same thing when S gets home from work, he gets the biggest smiles and excited giggles :)

    1. I love that our babes have awesome dads!

  3. My absolute FAVORITE baby stage is around 8-10 months. I absolutely love it and I remember just having the best time ever with my kiddos right around then. They are literally the funnest mini humans ever then.