Saturday, April 11, 2015


Today is day 4 of post-vaccine reaction. Send help!
The nights are getting a little better, but the days seem to get worse! Yesterday she didn't sleep longer than 15 minutes at a time, often just staring off at the same spot for minutes. She wouldn't nurse longer than 5 minutes either, so she was up a lot wanting to eat last night. I didn't mind that part, I still love holding her little body to me, doing a job no one else can do. I don't like that she would wake up immediately screaming, though. 

One of the vaccines had egg in it, which she has showed signs of intolerance to through my breastmilk (even chicken!) and I think that's what is making everything so bad. Her belly is in constant distress, her poops are bad (a little better today) and she was spitting up a ton (also a little better today).  

Also, two days after her last Hep B shot at ten days old, she started having really rapid breathing. Her respirations were in the high 70s constantly instead of the normal 30s-40s. Her doctor did many tests to find out why this was happening but found no reason. After going on for a month, it finally tapered off the last two weeks and has been totally normal...until two days after this last Hep B shot on Wednesday! Her breathing is now rapid again. Needless to say, we're re-evaluating this whole vaccine schedule.
I have a big assignment due Monday morning that I of course haven't been able to work on, so I plan on camping out in bed with Devin and my homework hoping the extra cuddle time will be good enough to get work done while I lay next to her. Fingers crossed! 


  1. Oh poor Devin :( It's such a shame she had a reaction to her vaccinations. They take such a big toll on those little bodies. I hope you're both getting some rest and recovering.

  2. Poor, sweet little girl! I'm so glad she's feeling better now!

    That picture of you up there is very pretty too!