Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 quick takes.

Today I was pumping in a small room at school, and forgot my sweater in the classroom and my nursing cover (that I only use when pumping) at home. I could hear the cleaning lady outside the door mopping and was SO nervous that she was going to unlock the door to come in and mop, completely exposing me looking like a cow being milked! Luckily she didn't, but I was nervous enough that my milk slowed and I stopped pumping anyways.
Bottles of boob juice next to lunch? No worries.
I tried 'working out' the other day and rough is an understatement (underword?). I have to go back to the very basics! Understandable, but so frustrating. So I'm starting with Jillian Michael's Beginner series and am 'enjoying' it.

I'm ready for summer. No explanation needed. 

Our landlord owns a landscaping company and he has a lot behind our back fence that has rocks, dirt, etc. A few days ago his crew was unloading a truck and managed to rip down our internet cord from the sky for like the sixth time. (I exaggerate not.) After multiple loooooong phone calls with the internet company, a guy finally came to fix it today and was smart and routed the wire a different way. It was halfway convenient because it forced me to study for a big test I had today, but also not convenient because I wasn't able to study stuff online. I also had some extreme Netflix withdrawal, so I'll be binging on it tonight.

Cute books we got from visiting family!

I've established that my intensive care clinicals have been my favorite and that ICU is now high on my job list! I graduate in just over a year with my BSN. Whaaaaat?!

As happy as I am to eat almost the exact same thing every day to help Devin's belly while slowly adding in new foods, I am so excited to branch out to more crazy foods like green beans! and bratwurst! and a big fat juicy burger with a pound of melted cheese! and an over easy egg! annnnnnd so much horseradish! (The last one is so far off from happening. Cue (queue?) the sobbing.)
Pretty much what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner right now. I've started adding some foods in (mushrooms, apples, DELICIOUS GRAPES) and all is going well. Except corn. That is very much a no go for her and was accidentally eaten.

Stealing 7 quick takes from Camp Patton and The Fike Life! I can't actually tell who the originator is.


  1. Yay for adding more foods! I love the soft cloth books, they're so cute and such fun for the bub! Roll on the warm weather, I can't wait for us all to get out more and enjoy the sunshine :)

    1. So excited to add more fruit in!