Saturday, March 14, 2015

One of the best moments so far.

One of my most favorite moments since I've been a mom, alongside her being put on my chest after birth, her first latch, and watching Vince do skin-to-skin with her at the hospital:

We just started using a binkie Thursday night to try and help with her reflux since she's always wanting to comfort nurse, causing her to be overfull and projectile spit up and be in pain. This morning after Vince burped and changed her, he laid her in bed next to me while he got ready for work. She turned her head and used my face to hold her binkie in, rhythmically sucking and bopping my nose with each suck. When I opened my eyes she was >RIGHTTHERE< with her big blue eyes staring at me. It was the most precious thing ever and we laid like that for a while, half awake, half asleep, with her little hand on my cheek. Such bliss!

She's almost a month old! I can't believe it. Still working on her birth story in between the insane juggling of nursing school, family, and life. I'm hoping to get it finished since I'm officially on spring break! Also, I got smart and downloaded the blogger app to my phone which means I'll probably post more often since I can type while I nurse. Only a few years tardy to the party.


  1. Oh, that's just so adorable ^_^ such a precious moment between you two!

  2. There's a blogger app?! I wonder if I can get it on my Kindle =0

  3. Jackson used to try to suck my nose when we napped. He's kind of adorable. :) Olivia would always let hers fall out and then scream in a blind rage until you could give it back. So for Penelope, I'm looking for an inexpensive stuffed animal holder thing they can clip onto? I see people with them, but haven't found them in a store around here. The search continues!