Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gender Prediction

I'm clearly the most terrible at updating! I have a post or two almost ready to publish and then never remember to finish them. Whatever, life is insane and I'll post them at some point over the next 20 weeks before the baby is here. Maybe.

(17w6d. My baby is cuter than yours.)

As of now, we're hoping to find out the gender at our 20ish week (20w3d) ultrasound next week! We had an ultrasound at 12 1/2 weeks and the tech guessed boy because there was definitely something poking up, but at the 18 week ultrasound another tech guessed girl, but said she wasn't really trying to look so it was totally a guess, and no better than the previous one. So what do you all think?! Girl or boy?

I've done some fun old wives tales and these are the results (thanks to SK for the idea):
High (girl) or low (boy): Can't really tell yet? I guess low? I'm told the baby hangs out super low in my torso, it's usually up by the belly button at this point but it's still by my pant line! I guess it's just pushing all my organs up creating the bump…Boy.

(These are all taken within the past two weeks. Biggest picture is yesterday at 19w6d, and the right goes from oldest to newest.)
Girls steal beauty, boys steal energy: Umm, definitely energy. So boy.
Dry hands and cold feet (boy): Boy.
Wedding ring on string - swings in circles (boy) or back and forth (girl): Girl.
Heartbeat <140 boy="">140 (girl): Girl. Consistently in the 150s.
Sweet cravings (girl) or salty and sour (boy): Boy. Bring on the sour warheads.
Chinese predictor chart: Boy.
Morning sickness (girl): Girl. I should probably have 35 girls in me with the sickness I've had.
Combined age at conception and number of month is odd (girl) or even (boy): Girl. (22 + 5)
Sleep on left side (boy) or right side (girl): Boy.

Verdict: Boy!

My mom is coming to the ultrasound and we're going to have the ultrasound tech write down the gender and my mom will wrap up a girl or boy item so Vince and I can open it together. I really don't want to be told in a medical setting by someone I don't know! Hopefully our active little baby will cooperate (the first thing the techs say at all of my ultrasounds is, "Wow, this baby won't stop moving and waving!")


  1. Ooh how exciting! It definitely felt properly real when we found out the gender ^_^ I hope your peanut cooperates, mine was curled up in a ball for the 20 week so I had to go for a half hour walk up and down the stairs to shift her! Not sure you'll have that problem though ;) Have fun finding out, it's going to be awesome!

    1. Well, it definitely didn't cooperate! Kept its legs together the whole time, even though it was moving everything else a whole bunch! We have another ultrasound scheduled soon so hopefully we'll find out then!

  2. I carried low, and I heard the opposite boys carry like basketballs up high (you look low to me but it is still early and you have LONG torso). It is also recommended that you sleep on your left side for blood and oxygen flow purposes, doctor and prenatal yoga classes told me that. I still sleep on the left side since having her! I am so excited!!!!

    1. I remember reading about sleeping on the left side! I've noticed the past couple nights I've fallen asleep on my right side and woke up feeling strange. Hopefully I stop rolling back to that side! normally I fall asleep on the left and stay in the exact same position until I wake up haha

  3. All but one of those say "boy" for me! So excited for you guys!!

  4. I will never, ever forget when we took two year old Olivia with us to find out if we were going to have a boy or a girl the second time. She desperately wanted a sister. The tech says, "Oh goodness- you have a little boy!!" and instantly, Olivia BURSTS INTO TEARS and says, "Daddy! You need fix it!". Which was hilarious and adorable.

    UNTIL, the baby was born and he was like 5 or 6 months old. I was giving him a bath and by this point, she's 3, and she asks me why his parts look different than hers. So I explain that girls and boys just pee differently, and she then asks me if we can just cut his off. Which, is terrifying, so I hid scissors and anything sharp for like two years, just in case. HA!

    1. Ha, that is so stinkin' cute! I wonder what she'll say about this one!