Monday, April 7, 2014

I haven't learned a thing!

At the end of every semester in college, I have felt like I didn't learn anything. Like I was so crazy busy during the semester just trying to get an A that everything left my brain after taking the test. Now that I am further into college I still feel that way at the end of every semester, but there is the realization that I did learn something in previous semesters.

This afternoon I was reading a chapter in a textbook and in just one simple paragraph, it went over a months worth of learning in Anatomy & Physiology I. In eight short sentence it summarized all the hard work I put into a topic that I remember being so extremely difficult and studying so hard for it only to feel like I still didn't understand it. But as I read the paragraph I realized I knew everything I was reading and could even expand on it by a whole lot. I actually remembered something! It seems silly that something so small could give me such encouragement to keep trudging on towards the end of this semester, but it really does. I often feel like I'm lucky getting the grades I receive and that it's just a fluke, but this helps me realize that the hard work I'm putting in now really does help me in the future, which will include more than just good grades - it'll be real live humans! That's not a scary thought at all.


  1. Let me just speak for everyone when I say, THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THINGS. No one likes to be treated by a nurse who forgot everything she learned... ;)

    1. Ha, yes! That would be a terrible thing!

  2. This is exactly I'm afraid I'm going to feel when I start back to school in the fall. I am not the type of person that can study for a test, I will inevitably fail that test. If I don't study for a test, I do really well. Which, makes things easier time wise, but I never go in feeling confident.