Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Things

I didn't mean to leave such a sad post up for so long! Here's a happy one to counteract the heaviness of the last post. It's good to focus on the happy things in life.

// Avocados have been 3 for $1 which means SO MUCH GUACAMOLE. Like so much I want to cry from happiness. As I'm writing this I'm eating a bowl of guac made from not one but two avocados and I don't have to save any for Vince. I get to eat the whole bowl tonight with some cucumbers and mushrooms because we have six more avocados on our fridge. I think Mexico might be heaven if it means fresh guac every day.

// Chia seed pudding that is soooo easy. And it is paleo. Tonight I'm making it with raw milk and it'll be even better.

// Laundry is finally finished. I know it seems like a simple thing to do, but I won't admit to how many times we've done (or haven't done) it in the past two and a half months. Once I was pregnant my body was like COUCH BED KITCHEN FLOOR ANYWHERE TO CLOSE MY EYES so I did nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing at all but eat Hot Cheetos, apples, and drink insane amounts of water. I may have cooked once or twice when I felt so overwhelmed with guilt for making Vince do everything. And since Vince was doing everything, including delicious dinners, as well as working full time, we never got around to laundry unless we were out of underwear. And then we only washed underwear. (Gosh, I can't seem to just write a simple thing I'm happy about, it's like I'm writing a book.) Anyways, we never did laundry, it is now done, and we can now give away a ton of clothes to the thrift store so it's not taking up space and I can give it away clean instead of dirty.

// The semester is over. I shouldn't have to say more than that but I will because I can. The semester is over. The semester is over. The semester is over. I can't believe it. Once again it went by way too fast and I feel like I've learned nothing new but at the same time my brain is so full of anatomy and chemistry terms it might just stop working any minute. I also have all A's to prove I learned something as well as an associates degree. Oh, and this happened:

Yep, I've officially reached nerd status and it happened without my knowledge; I received the CCC Science Student of the Year award. Thanks to my mama for the beautiful flowers!

(Oh, and my hair? So frizzy here! I had to dry my hair with a blow dryer which I rarely do and clearly my hair didn't appreciate it. The picture on the right showcases it beautifully.)

Fellow Sci Club nerds and friends Jenn and Molly. We're all such awesome people.

// Mangos are also $.69. And they're organic. Not that it matters since I cut off the peel anyways. But $.69 mangoes means lots of mangoes being peeled and eaten like apples.

// This face.

// Raw milk is now at our local farmers market which means I can buy it whenever I please between the hours of 7am and 6:30pm. (5pm on Sundays.) It's a bit pricier than when I was buying it through the co-op, but unfortunately the lady running it had to move out of town but luckily she set everything up with the farmers market. Ultimately it's worth the extra price to have a consistent supply of raw milk instead of every couple weeks!

// I'm feeling good. I'm still having some physical side affects from the miscarriage, but overall I'm doing well. I'm extremely happy that it's getting warm outside so I can get my body back in shape and get healthy again. As I stated above, I had the appetite of a five year old and my body really didn't like it, even though it was forcing me to eat those things. So it's nice to finally get back on the mostly paleo bandwagon and be healthy. I had a little breakdown the other day because for .2 seconds I was so happy to not be pregnant and to be able to go on long hikes and eat normal, and then I felt so guilty for feeling that way. It was like I was happy to no longer be pregnant, which in a way I am!  I would have much rather become normal because I actually had a baby, though.  Luckily the feeling passed pretty quickly and it's something that comes and goes.

// Juice, possibly my favorite one yet. Lime, cabbage, apple, cucumber and kale. The lime just puts it out of this world.
 Tell me some happy things that have been going on in your life.


  1. I completely understand your comment about being happy to not be sick anymore even if it meant not being pregnant. Don't feel guilty about feeling that way at all! You'll get to experience it all someday. :) And let me tell you, waking up a few days after you give birth and realizing you don't feel sick and your back doesn't hurt and you can breathe without wheezing is even more amazing in some ways than the baby in your arms. ;)

  2. I was making chia seed pudding for a while! I wasn't a huge fan of it though and was putting flavored coffee creamer in it so I'd like it... and well, that defeated the purpose, so I gave it up. Maybe I should try it again.

    I CANNOT get caught up on laundry over here!

    Congrats on your award!!

    I'm glad you're feeling a little better now. I think those feelings are perfectly normal since I hear a lot of other women talk about that too. You are so strong!