Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tucson Part II

Oh my. The week after spring break hit me in the face with a huge PUNCH. I almost wish we didn't have spring break because it throws me off so much! But then I think about how insane I was getting before spring break and I'm glad it happened. I'd like to continue with the day naps, though.

Anyways, moving on with the rest of our Tucson trip we took over St. Patty's Day weekend. Read Part 1 here.

After I took my Certified Nursing Assistant exam on Saturday I headed to Hotel Congress, the place we'd be staying for two days of our trip that was recommended by some friends. I had taken the car with me to the exam site and Vince and Roxi had just walked over since it was close to our other hotel, yet in a completely different part of town.

It wasn't quite time to check into the hotel yet, so we got a snack at the cafe that's attached to the hotel, Cup Cafe. I had already eaten so I just got a gluten-free dessert, a flour-less chocolate cake. It was phenomenal and they make everything in house! Vince got biscuits and gravy and said they were the best he's ever had; not super heavy or dry like most biscuits and gravy are.

After that we walked around downtown Tucson with Roxi. It was crazy to see such a difference in the area of town we stayed in the first night compared to the one downtown. Our Motel 6 was less than 5 miles away, but it was in such a shanty area and downtown at Hotel Congress was so full of culture and just amazing!!

You can tell Tucson has a lot of money because everything was gorgeous and surprisingly clean. Everything that could have a fun detail, like security gates, fences, trash can, ANYTHING, was special! The streets had no litter, the fences were all beautiful, even the bus stops were fancy!

One thing that was strange was that there weren't a lot of stores open on weekends. Almost all of them were only opened Monday through Friday, and if they were open on weekends it was only for four or five hours a day. So weird, it's usually the opposite! When we talked to our waitress about it, she said it's been kind of a ghost town the past couples weeks since there is a ton of construction going on, so it could have been modified hours for that.
We didn't go into any stores because we had Roxi, but it was still fun and relaxing to walk around for a few hours, let Roxi play in a few fountains, and take pictures.

This pink building is City Hall. So beautiful! (And that stupid light pole totally throws off the symmetry of the picture.)

So that's all for now. This post has way too many pictures as it is. I'll have one more most about the hotel!


  1. We just stayed at that hotel last night!
    Such a cool place!!

  2. These pictures make me so happy about the desert existing! (My boyfriend informed me that Stockholm got more snow today so I'm happy to be in the west) I love your pants, they're such a nice color. A lot of pinks and corals in this entry and that's the palette I'm fixated on right now :D

    1. Ya, it's hailing/snowing as I type this. SOOOO SADDDD. I'm over this shitty weather!

      And yay, another color lover! I'm so in love with that and mint/teal!

  3. Aaaahhh!! You're right in my backyard! :D I hope our little city treated you well! :)

    1. Oh, it did! I may or may not want to move there!!

  4. Oh I love it! I can't wait to see the rest! I picture Tucson so different but I'm definitely really impressed with how pretty and clean it all is!

  5. Aw I want to take my doggies to play in a fountain! Love all the pics, looks like an awesome spring break. <3

  6. Great pictures! I like the potted plants a lot!

    <3 Melissa