Saturday, March 2, 2013


|| Life is so much easier when you remember to take your hyperthyroid medication three times a day as prescribed. So. Much. Easier.

|| I got a new tattoo! Here's a preview...a picture of the finished project will be posted soon once it's healed.

|| Some days I need someone to follow me around to punch me in the face when I'm being too anal for my own good. Like when I beat myself up for getting a 43/50 on an Anatomy & Physiology II test even though I still have a 98.3% in the class and we're almost halfway through the semester. A NINETY EIGHT POINT FUCKING THREE. Seriously, self? You're going to worry about that? Fine, here's a punch to your face. Now you have something to worry about. But, since I enjoy the way my face looks, I'll settle for a hefty serving of Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss to distract myself. (The best paleo dessert around if you ignore the minuscule amount of guar gum.)

|| Today I pretended like it was summer again.
It was a sunny 60 degrees outside after a bitter cold and light dusting of snow the other day. I sat in the backyard soaking up some Vitamin D, ate a cheery salad, played with Roxanne, and pleaded with the universe to let it stay warm. The other day I was looking at an old blog post from the summer to email the link to a friend and I swear, I almost cried. It was like I forgot for a while that there was such a thing as summer and I soon as I remembered it I missed it so much it hurt! I'm ready for tank tops and shorts and exercising outside. Moments like this make me really want to live someplace like LA where there are no seasons. Maybe it's healthy to miss something so strongly, though.

|| Speaking of missing something, MY GRANDPARENTS ARE COMING HOME! They've been on a mission in Peru for the past 16ish months and weren't due to come home until October, but will be back early because of some medical issues. It feels like I haven't seen them in an eternity and I'm excited to see them despite the unfortunate circumstances!

|| Again, I'm going to talk about working out. I took a weight lifting class at the gym today and it was great! We're focusing on free weights for the month (a major perk to having a small class: you get to choose what you want to learn!) which is what I really need help with. I've got all the machines down pretty well but I don't feel like I'm getting enough from them. Enter free weights! I can already tell that by adding free weights to my workout I'll be getting so much more muscle since it's a whole body workout for stability. Bonus? I look and feel like a badass while doing squats with a barbell.

Also, as much as I love the gym, running in the quiet woods on hard packed snow is quite nice.

|| Lastly, here are some yummy foods. I sure do love eating.


  1. Love the tat! And the food looks amazing. Don't beat yourself up girl. 98.3!?!?! That's amazing!! Keep it up!!

  2. Mmmmm! I see chia seeds in your smoothie!! The BEST!!! :)

  3. Your succulents are looking so lovely!

    I am so curious to see the finished product of your new tattoo!

    I haven't heard of that Coconut Bliss flavor but it sounds so yummy, definitely my thing!

    I am more of a fall-and-spring girl but I am actually pretty excited about this summer too. I'm so looking forward to playing outside again, especially now that I've gotten a happy little glimpse at the nature here!

    I'm sorry to hear about the health concerns but hooray for your grandparents coming home!

    1. I can't believe how well they are doing! I want to buy like 10 more haha

      The Coconut Bliss are so good, any flavor! I don't typically like cherry stuff, but this is REAL cherries, not flavoring so it's way different!

      I SO want summer. I'm happy with spring and fall with monsoons being my favorite, but I'm just ready to be warm!