Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oh my! Where did the time go?!

|| I started working out at the gym again and my happiness has increased. This is definitely the healthiest I have been in my life, between eating paleo, getting enough rest, and working out, and it's oh so wonderful. I know a lot of you want to be healthy, really really want to, so just start, you guys. START! And if you have already started, continue. Get your ass walking, eat one less cookie, just do anything different and there will be a snowballing affect and the next thing you know? BAM. Shit's getting done and your life is changing.

One things I really want to look into is getting a personal trainer for a bit. I've never had one before, but I know I'd benefit tremendously. I don't know how to safely push myself and am always worried to do something wrong. And I just simply wonder if I'm training correctly! I came home yesterday and told Vince I could squat 90 pounds, and he laughed and said I could do more. I didn't think so, but today when I went to the gym I went up to 105 pounds, then 120, then 135, then 150! I would never have guessed I could have done that  (comfortably straining, but not over doing it) so it would be nice to hear, 'Hey, you can probably do xx amount. Want to try?' The gym I go to doesn't offer training sessions, and I don't even know how to go about finding a trainer. Have you ever used a trainer or want to? Share you experience!

|| School is continuing to go swimmingly. I've aced all my tests so far (with two out of the three being 100%!) and I'm starting the semester off strong. I hope I can keep the momentum up. It still amazes me that I'm smart and capable of the things I'm doing. (Whoa, don't mean to sounds like a pretentious asshole.) I was smart growing up but I never gave myself credit for it or actually put effort into schoolwork, but now I'm accepting that I have talents and am putting in effort and somehow I'm at the top of my class. Maybe I can't play the saxophone or touch my toes in yoga, but god-damnit I can name all the bones in your body! Also, I can tell you your blood type. (I'm O+)

(For my vegan friend: we love and appreciate our cute spotted pig in class. We've named her and respect her and while we'd all prefer that she be alive, she is of great help to us!)

|| Two job related things: I quit one, and I continue to love the other. I was talking to my grandpa the other day (allllll the way in Peru!) and was telling him everything I had going on in my life. His first response was, 'Well, Steffi, I recommend you quit a job because your body can't safely handle stress for long periods of time.' I laughed and explained that it wasn't that much going on and that I was fine...until I realized on Saturday how much I was trying to cram in to my one day off and how frustrating it was. So I quit Black Hound! I was only there one day a week anyways, so it's not too much of a difference, but now I have a real two day weekend. I'll miss my coworkers, but luckily it's a place I'd shop at anyways so I will visit them. As for my science lab tech job, it's so fun to be able to use my brain for things and be in charge of myself!

|| This happened to my iMac keyboard.

So awesome. Vince hates it, but I said we'd wait two weeks and if he still hates it I'd take the stickers off. He is a pecker when he types so he has troubling knowing which key is which because it's kind of hard to see!

|| Vince is still the same. He loves skiing. And then skiing some more. And then a little more skiing to top everything off. It's exciting to see him so passionate about something other than mountain biking! And though it's an expensive sport, it's way less expensive than biking.

|| Food. Lots of delicious food.

As you can see, I've gone raw! At least with my dairy. Another post to come.

Hope all is well, friends.


  1. I love me a good workout! I've been goin' hard, yo! lol jk. Is this referral to your vegan friend me? hahaha! Or Heather? :D I'm not an extremist quite yet. I am content with myself. I don't need to preach to others.... a lot. ;) lol. I'm glad you're doing really well and feeling happier! I am too!! You've been a big source of motivation and support from the beginning. So thank you. And tell Vince the pecker Ty and I say hello! hahaha

    1. Yes, you were one of the vegan friends! haha

      And I hope you start at the gym you were talking about! I can see you being a gym lover, for sure.

      I'm glad to have helped you in any way like you've helped me! I'm happy to see you doing what YOU want to do and not letting others influence you.

  2. meh heh heh, all that food looks delicious. Come be my chef. Also, I think it's fantastic school is going so well. (I can't touch my toes in yoga either) I just love talking to doctors, and especially doctors-in-progress, because the information is so fresh and the body is just the most fascinating subject ever.

    I was working out really a lot before I left for Sweden in Nov-Dec and it was the BEST. I was still on my antidepressants so my head was all fucked, but my body felt so great...and I was actually able to SLEEP. I've never had a personal trainer or wanted one, but you actually bring up a good point with having someone helping with technique and limits and whatnot.

    I will never understand skiers! SO not my thing. But I'm happy he has something to do in the wintertime. It probably prevents a lot of murders...winter hobbies, I mean. lol.

    1. I will happily be your chef in Sweden. Another friend wants me as a chef in Hawaii though, so you'll have to share me.

      Yes, the body is SO fascinating! It's so insane to me to see how everything is connected. It's amazing.

      Sleep is one of the good things for me too! I love it. Start working out again! I'm sure people are fit over in Sweden if they eat so well!

      I don't understand skiers either. It's too scary and fast for me haha

  3. Amen about just STARTing!! I've never used a trainer but I've always wanted to. I took athletic training in high school thinking I'd learn to be a trainer and then get certified, but actually I just learned first aid and how to temporarily treat sports injuries until getting a professional involved.
    I always wanted to know my blood type just out of curiousity. They told me at an appointment recently, and I immediately forgot! All those years of waiting for it and I immediately forgot!
    Aw, fetal pig. I've dissected four of those! Way too many for my tastes.
    I didn't know you quit BH! Good for you!

    1. I took a training class in high school too, and like you I didn't learn much haha Maybe for one of my electives at NAU I'll see if they have a beginning training class!

      I never knew my blood type until now but always wanted to know, but I'm sure I'll forget it soon too!

      Yes, I quit yesterday! It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders!

    2. Oh that would be fun!
      I'm going to ask again at my next appointment and then make sure to write it down somewhere, in my planner or something!
      I bet! Well enjoy your free day today now! =D

  4. So I did group personal training which is basically personal training minus them watching every single push up or lung! I prefer that bc they will keep an eye on you from afar! I totally recommend where I went! I wish I would set the time and money aside for myself to actually do it again! I love the confidence I have in myself when I did work out regularly!
    I enjoyed dissecting our piglet long ago!
    It's super nice to have 2 days off!!!

    1. Group training sounds like something I would like!