Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food, meds, and a touch of embarrassment.

|| Beautiful lunches are fun. I didn't have any clean pyrex dishes and didn't have time to wash one before work so I put my salad in a large mason jar. Not very practical to eat out of unless you like dressing on the sides of your hands or a long fork, but it's practical for transporting salad and an egg.

|| There is something oddly satisfying about seeing your clothes hang dry. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I know I'm saving money and the environment one shirt at a time? More than likely it's the sight of all the pretty colors of my clothes in my living room.

|| Medicine sucks, and unfortunately I have a condition that can't really be cured by diet, meditation, or anything other than that medicine. I have to take it three times a day and sometimes it is incredibly hard to remember. More than anything, it's not that I completely forget to take it, but when I go to take it I can't remember if I already took it for that time period! I've started to say weird things to myself, like, 'You took your medicine at 1pm while you were feeding the fish you forgot to feed this morning.' It worked for a while, but now all the days/times I've done that are blending together and I'm back to forgetting. I've thought about getting a granny pill case, but I don't want to carry it around for only three pills. Any ideas? Maybe there's an app where I can push a button that keeps track of it? (Gosh, as I sit here typing this, I looked at my medicine bottle and thought, "Did I take the pill before I started this post like I meant to? Aggh!!"

|| I bought a planner a while ago and I love it. Thanks, Lisa, for the inspiration! I got the 8.5x5" Blue Sky planner from Target for $7.99 and it's the perfect size. I also bought a pretty blue/white paper clip instead of the boring black/silver ones.

|| I finally transferred all 30,000+ pictures from my MacBook to my external hard drive, and then to my iMac. I've stupidly not had them backed at all and I've been freaking out about it for ohhhh, a couple years now? They are now safe and sound and deleted from my laptop so it runs very quickly again! I also transferred all my music so I don't have to worry about losing it.

|| Husband, while googling a bookstore phone number to see if they have a video game: 'How do you spell Hasting's? Apparently I'm spelling it wrong. Oh wait, no, I was typing it into the youtube search box. That's why none of the stuff made sense."

|| I did something highly embarrassing the other day. I came home from school/work and told Vince about it, and he said if he had a blog it's something he'd blog about just because I make fun of him so much. (See above.) I admit I have more opportunities to make fun of him between this blog, Instagram, and Facebook, so now I'll embarrass myself for him: I put my underwear on wrong. I very rarely wear thong underwear, but the pants I was wearing called for them. Turns out, I put them on sideways and I literally did not have five minutes to myself the whole day in order to put them on correctly. Instead, I was slightly uncomfortable and just felt like an idiot. I texted my friend about it and the good news is I'm not the only one who has done this. Have any of you ladies done that? Please say yes and spare me the shame. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for that much needed laugh (and break from homework)!!

    First of all, love salads in a jar. So pretty and convenient.

    Also, boo for the meds. Not fun. I've been setting lots of reminders on my calendar on my iphone. It's nice because you can set them to alert you at different times and have them repeat everyday if you'd like. Would something like that be helpful to you?

    I NEED to transfer my photos to my external hard drive, too! 30,000?! I thought my 16,000 was a lot! Wow!! I'm unsure of how I feel about not having them right here (on my macbook). I feel weird about it. Don't know why. Kind of like I'm throwing them away. Is it easy to use them for posts or projects when they are on your EHD?

    Also, can't say that I have put a thong on sideways. But, I can definitely see where that would be easy to do. There's not much to 'em. I agree that it made for a great blog post. :)

    1. I'm glad you laughed! I was mortified haha

      Reminders like that would be great, I've never thought of that! I have an iPhone as well so I'll have to add those in.

      Transfer them! It would be awful to lose them! As for not having access, you can still keep ones you want on your computer. I transferred everything to the hard drive (which was just making a copy, not actually removing them from my computer) then deleted the ones I didn't need/want immediate access to. I still have about 1,000 on my laptop that I wanted to keep for various reasons. It's super easy to look through the files on the hard drive though, it's just like looking through a file on your computer.

  2. Your salad looks beautiful in the jar, even if it wound up being a hassle!
    I agree, I love hanging my clothes to dry! I also love that I know what touched them once they came out of the washing machine, can't really say that when I put it in a laundromat dryer!
    You should set an alarm on your phone for your meds... or since you're a fan of that lovely new planner (I'm obsessed with planners) maybe make check boxes for your three times and check them off, depending on how often you check your planner?
    Ha ha, Vince's Hastings gaffe made me laugh. I used to ALWAYS have a Facebook status of someone's name. I'd just get frustrated that FB wasn't pulling the person up and close it, and then later I'd see their name on my wall and feel like an idiot!
    I am not a thong girl... but I'm pretty sure it's BECAUSE I'd wind up wearing them sideways. =P

    1. I especially love that I wash most of my clothes at home, so I don't have to even worry about putting them in the washing machine wondering what was in there!

      The planner is a good Idea, but wouldn't really work for me. I have it on me Monday-Friday, but not the weekend! But I think the phone will be good!

      I remember one time when you did that on Facebook and the person asked about it! That was so funny. I have a feeling Vince is going to be doing that when he finally joins Facebook.

      Ya, I should just say no to thongs and get rid of the two I have haha

    2. I definitely prefer washing them at home too! (When I have running water, ha) and always think they smell twice as good that way.
      Vince is still a Facebook holdout?! Good for him!!

    3. He is! He just barely started texting hahaha

  3. Maybe you could find a cute pill box from somewhere ^_^ My Nan hated her pill box, with the Mon-Sun sections, so she bought a pretty little one with sparkly bits on instead! Trés stylish :P

    I want jar salad! Now I gotta go find me a mason jar...

    1. A cute one is a good idea! I guess I've never thought of that. Then, if I start off the day with three in there I obviously know if I took it! And if it's small it can go right in my pocket!

  4. HAHAHA i giggled :] we've all done it, lady!

    I don't have a facebook anymore, but love Intragram.. Find me! @InternalSunshine :]

    Also, I take a lot of vitamins a day [well, 7 or 8] and I use this teeny tiny pill fob that I got at walmart. it fits in everything and it has an "AM" side and a "PM" side. It's so small I feel like I don't look like a grammy, and I make sure to take my vitamins!

    I hope you have a wonderful day lady :]]

    -Crysta L

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! =P

      I found you on IG!

      Sounds like I need to just get a small cute container!

      I've had a great day so far, I hope yours is as well!

  5. Steff--please back your photos up online also. I have a external backup here that decided one day that it wouldn't recognize the computer--not any computer! Two years worth of photos and a bunch of genealogy unavailable to me until I win the lottery. I was quoted $800 to $3000 to retrieve the pictures and files! So it sits on the shelf and I curse it when I want pics of the family reunion in Canada!
    Don't wear thongs as underwear. I've always worn thongs on my feet. Of course they call them flip flops now a days!

    1. I'll be sure to back them up again! That is a lot of money to retrieve them, yikes!

  6. Free pill app

  7. three times a day!!! well fuck that. I would be dead. My thyroid meds are just 1x a day, and yeah, good luck with that. It rarely happens and most certainly doesn't happen at the same time every morning like it's supposed to.

    I have never worn thongs, and in fact I always go commando (tmi) but once I wore a DRESS inside out for hours. My god I was mortified when I realized it, and I was in a restaurant. LOL

    1. Right?! It's crazy and hard to remember. So dumb.

      I go commando when I sleep, but it's too uncomfortable in things like jeans! That would be very embarrassing to wear a dress inside out!