Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honeymoon Road Trip: Days 10 & 11

Even though Vince and I got married over a year ago in September, we just took our honeymoon this past July. Between school full time and work full time, it just hasn't been able to happen until now! To celebrate, we took a 15 day road trip from Flagstaff up to Seattle, then slowly down the coast. I feel like breaking it up will be the only way I'll actually post about the trip because it's a lot less daunting. Some pictures are taken with the iPhone and the other with my Canon Rebel T2i. To read previous days of the trip, click here.

On Day 10 and 11 we camped in Ashland, OR and did approximately nothing. Ok, I can't say nothing because we did a lot, but we didn't have to do any driving so it was wonderful!

We camped at Glenyan RV Park and it was a great place. Everything was quiet because the space was so spread out!

There was a large family get together in the area across from us and it made me miss all the camping I did with my family as a kid. All the young ones would go explore during the day, showing up around lunch time and again at dinner, while all the parents hung around and made food. I must admit that this family had it down when it came to being prepared. They had separate little clips around a pop-up tent that had everything you needed: sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof camera cases, waterbottles...I was so impressed and inspired to do that with my kids! You just have to set everything up on the first day and you are good to go! I wish I wouldn't have been a big chicken and would have asked to take a picture of everything.

The way we spent our couple of days there was playing horse (with me majorly kicking Vince's butt), swimming, going into town to eat, campfire cooking, hiking around, and Vince riding the 12 mile downhill course that Ashland is legendary for. It was so relaxing to not feel obligated to go see sights after a lot of driving and the overwhelmed but good feeling we got from the big cities like Seattle.  It's not like Ashland had any 'must-see' places!
Isn't he so cute?!

One place that we ate at multiple times in town was Greenleaf Cafe. They had gluten free pasta and I fell in love with their alfredo. It tasted just like I made it at home but way better! The seating was also nice right next to a creek.

When we weren't eating pasta, these little guys kept making their way into my lap while I was reading my Kindle Fire. I just love green beans!

(And after a couple questions about it, here's where I got my Kindle cover: Fintie (Green) Folio PU Leather Case Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Tablet with Free Stylus and Screen Protector (Automatic Sleep/Wake Feature)- 9 colors options AAAaffiliate link

For dinner each night we made tin foil dinners with meat and a bunch of veggies and corn on the cob.

After eating we'd play Phase 10 by the fire until we were ready to pass out! I needed a poker face so I put on some shades...


  1. looks like you guys had an awesome time! your kindle case caught my eye. where did you get it? i like that you can fold back the cover.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ahh I didn't see these comments! But I got it from Amazon and love it! Here's the link:

  2. What a beautiful place. I love your poker face!

    1. It was so great there, I love Ashland!

  3. Aw I love it! I like when there's balance between exciting sight-seeing days and relaxing VACATION days! Most of our vacations are so jam-packed we need a vacation when we get home. =P

    I'm the same way about pictures. Sometimes I see a great idea and I want a picture of it so I can go home and mimic it but I'm too afraid to ask... and every time I HAVE been brave enough to ask, the person always gives me a weird look and says "...okay..."
    (You know EXACTLY what it sounded like since I added an ellipsis to the front!!)

    1. Vince and I always joke about needing a vacation from our vacation!

      i've definitely gotten braver about taking photos, but I'm still scared sometimes! I mean, when am I ever going to see these people again?!