Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pooping Rainbows

I feel like the only time I ever post now is when I'm like, 'TODAY WAS THE BESTEST DAY EVERRRRZZZZ,' and I hope you don't get sick of it. My life isn't always full of joy and I don't poop rainbows, but you wouldn't want to hear me talk about how broke I am or how my face is breaking out because I'm about to start my period, right? Right. Today, however, was so productive I feel as if I do poop rainbows and I'm going to tell you about it.

I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn (ahem...9am) to get ready for my last volunteer orientation for the Emergency Department. I've had three of them and I keep catching myself thinking, 'How many of these am I going to have? At least I'm making money.' Then I remember that I'm a volunteer and there is never a time I'll be making money!

So far everything has been interesting, though, and today was my first day in the actual Emergency Department. We went through all the general, 'This is the break room, this is the bathroom, etc' and also went over what I'd be doing with my four hours a week there. Basically it's re-stocking everything, cleaning rooms after patients leave, talking with patients to help ease their anxiety, and helping any RN, doctor, and person-who-works-there that asks me to do something.

The guy who was doing my training said that the more interested and involved I am, the more I will learn, which I totally agree with and plan on doing. He said that after developing a good rapport with people who work there, the more likely I am to be pulled into a room to see some interesting stuff, which is what I want! He also said that anytime I want to see something such as a trauma, sutures, splinting, etc, then I could just ask the patients nurse and they'd most likely allow me to watch! Needless to say, I am super excited to start volunteering.

After the hospital I went to the grocery store to pick up stuff for lunch. Vince and I ate a quick bite, then he offered to do the dishes if I planted all the plants that were accumulating on our back porch still in the containers. I of course said yes because I'd do anything over the dishes, and it turned out wonderful! The other people who live in our 'house' (our apartment is a huge 100 year old house that is split into 4 separate apartments) were all excited and came out and talked to me.
My grandma had bought a couple chrysanthemums for mine and Vince's wedding and we didn't know they were annuals. To our surprise, they started growing again so we moved them from their plastic containers to planters on both sides of the front door that leads to the hallway for us tenants.

We had some strawberries that I bought at a local plant store on sale a few weeks ago, artichoke and chili plants from the CSA, and mint that we bought for mojitos that needed to be planted. Last year when I planted mint it quickly took over the entire large container it was in, so I'm hoping the mint does that again this year. I love it in tea and fruit water! The three containers to the left of the door are where I planted them, worms and all.
1-3We have a few strawberries that have been growing so hopefully this new larger container and regular watering will help them continue to grow.

Once all the planting was done, I took all our house plants outside so that I could give them a little TLC.
IMG_1245They had been inside all winter so they were dusty and had some dead leaves that needed to be cut off. After getting them all trimmed up and pretty again, I sprayed and watered them with this plant growth food that I got at another local plant store. They said it's similar to Miracle Grow, but not crazy toxic. The lady said I could even drink it and be fine! I used it last year for a while and the plants loved it, so I'm going to try and keep using it this summer. I just keep a spray bottle full of the Eleanor's VF-11 and water mix and just spray my plants once a week. It doesn't stain and is ok to get on paint/furniture, so I can use it in the house and not worry about it getting on the couch or walls!

When I was done with the plants, I cleaned up and swept the backyard a little bit. I was going to weed our eating area, but they were too strong and need to be dug up, which I didn't want to do. They look pretty anyways!!
After cleaning up, I decided to go on a bike ride. Vince had left for the slalom track to ride his bike with Roxi, so I rode my bike almost all the way to my school then turned around and met Vince.

We had some cantaloupe and BLTs for dinner with mayo, horseradish, and sliced hard-boiled eggs...so good! As you can possibly tell from the picture, I actually forgot the bacon and din't notice! Doh! Luckily the second sandwich I remembered it and it was delicious.
During dinner Roxanne had barked and attacked the fence in the front yard because of a skateboarder and when she came in I scolded her and made her lay on her back for a while. After a bit I told her she could get up and then I realized her butt was in the dustpan the whole time!
Now that I'm full and tired, I'm going to take a shower and give myself a manicure and pedicure. I'm going full out and breaking out the epsom salt and oils to soak my tired feet in! My hands have been so dry and both my hands and feet got super dirty and my nail polish is almost gone, so it'll be a good way to relax tonight. I'm still reading The Poisonwood Bible so I plan on getting a little further into that as well while Vince works on his bike!


  1. First of all, I'd like to remind you that you still owe me a California trip post and a post on how you and Vince met. You can go ahead and schedule them to post while you're on your big road trip.
    Second, even though blood and guts are not my thing, that is so exciting! I hope you get to really get in on the action often. My mom was a CNA for several years and she really liked it, aside from her sleep schedule getting all out of whack.
    You have so many plants! I'm so excited for your garden, mainly just because I'm gardening and also because I'm in a happy mood and am excited for everything tonight. I'll have to check out that plant growth spray because it's exactly what I've been looking for!
    Enjoy your mani and pedi! That sounds lovely! I have so much going on lately I have to actually schedule my nightly chores to make sure I can fit everything in, but I think I just might schedule a foot soak for tomorrow night now. =]

    1. AHHH, I promise I'll get to it at some point. My mind is always all over the place and I forget! I'll put it on my to-do list though =]

      I didn't know you mom was a CNA for a while! that's awesome.

      Why are you in such a happy mood?! That's always nice. And I am inspired to do my garden because of yours!! Definitely check out that spray, it's awesome!

      I ended up not doing a foot soak and instead just watched TV (which was much needed) but might end up doing one tonight!! You should for sure fit one into your schedule!

    2. Yeah she worked in the special care nursery for a few years but seeing all the little ones pass away was way too hard on her so then she switched over to 3South, not sure what that means anymore lol. She hasn't worked there since I was I think a junior in high school though, maybe a senior. Now she works for NAU.
      I had had a great day at work! But today I did not so now I'm in a crappy mood. I'm trying to figure out how the heck some people leave it at the door. Ryan can have an awful day but he comes home in a good mood since they're two separate events. I just can't seem to figure that out.
      And I made some time for tonight, so I'm going to soak my feet while we watch a movie we rented. =]

    3. That would be so hard to do. And 3 South is where I did my clinicals!! It's just a wing in the hospital.

      I don't know how people leave stuff at work either. It's something i need to learn how to do though!

  2. ooooh trauma and bleeding YAY!! lol being in EMT class the past few weeks I've learned to not even pretend to squirm anymore. I'm glad there's another person who kind of gets it, lol.

    My parents had the gift of planting. Everything we had except for meat, was grown in our garden. They sold a lot of it too. They knew everything about plants. It takes all I can muster to not kill basil within three days of planting it. Sigh. I wish I inherited that way with plants they have.

    Hope you enjoy the self-pampering too. It's crazy how it helps stress levels and self confidence :D

    1. I knew you'd love my ER talk! I'll be sure to tell you if I see anything cool when I'm there!! Fort he longest time I would squirm at stuff, but now I realize it's because that's what our culture teachers us to do, and now I'm like, Hmm, it's actually not gross...

      I will not say I'm a great planter, but hopefully I can get these suckers to grow! It would be awesome.