Friday, January 27, 2012

Thankful for being a woman...not!

Well, today I planned to post my response to the Indie Ink Writing Challenge until I realized the challenge was due yesterday. I thought it was due today! I blew that one. So instead, I'm here to talk about being thankful for being a woman and PMSing (Ha!) which I meant to post yesterday for the Thankful Thursday link-up and forgot. (Sorry, Heather, for this not being a traditional 'Thankful' post! Hehe) What has been up with me these past couple days?! So this is a cue to the guys to stop reading, if they wish. It's not gross or anything, though...

Typically, my body reminds me that I need to take out my birth control (thus, starting my period) before my calendar does. I'm definitely thankful that I am 'in-tune' with my body, but how so? Well here's a list of completely stereotypical and unstereotypical things that fit me. The signs typically start 2-3 days before.
I know I've just posted a picture of this, but it's so good. I can eat an entire bar and have it be less sugar than a can of soda, and the bar is huge! (Think king size Hershey's bar?) 

I continuously gravitate toward the chocolate aisle at the store. I don't typically eat a lot of chocolate, yet I still end up there. That's when the light bulb goes on.

I cry over simple things, like the fact that it's not raining outside. If I'm going to be all crampy and tired, I would like the weather to be stormy outside, for some reason. Sometimes I'm so sad by the fact that it's sunny outside that I just cry.

I yell at my husband, but in the same sentence immediately say I'm sorry and that I don't know what's wrong with me. Again, that's when the lightbulb goes off.

I just want to cuddle. I'll call Vince at work almost in tears and say, 'I'm just having an off day. It's not bad or good, I just want to go home and cry while watching a movie with my head in your lap.'

I want to wear sweatpants everywhere. Everything else just seems tight and uncomfortable, and how can  say no to soft, sweet, inviting sweatpants?

I crave milk like crazy. I'd drink a gallon a day if organic milk weren't so darn expensive!

Do you ladies crave anything weird or do crazy things when it's 'that time'?


  1. haha i love this link up! i have almost all of your same kight bulbs go off for me as well :D except for me its ghirardehli dark chocolate brownies. mmmm

    1. Mmm those sound so good! If I didn't have to make them myself, I would totally be eating them right now! haha

  2. The yelling at my husband and in the same breath apologizing is so familiar!!!!! Sometimes I don't know how Dave can stand me. I also drink milk like crazy. And my head always seems a little more muddled. I am less motivated to work when I'm PMSing.

    1. I ask myself the same question about Vince being able to stand me sometimes! Haha I'm also less motivated to work as well. I just feel like laying on the couch and reading all day!

  3. What the?? We are simultaneously blogging about the same things! I recently just tried a chocolate with sea salt in it too! Plus the knee tattoo thing!