Sunday, September 4, 2011

Run your little heart out.

I started running again a while ago, and I think this is the longest I have consistently ran! I have been doing at least 3 runs in a week, but try for more, which doesn't always happen. I've noticed that the more stressed I've been getting these past few weeks with school and work, I've found more time to get running! How strange is that? I think it's because I have a routine down and I know exactly how long it takes me to warm up, run, and cool down, so I know I have time for it.

Now that I am in my routine though, it's getting a little too easy which is CRAZY. That means I actually have to push myself even more and go even more distance which is just baffling to me because I am not a runner. Maybe I'm just in denial though because I'm actually stoked when I find time to run.

Can you believe I'm stoked about my EYEBALLS sweating?
(Ha. I know my eyeballs can't really sweat...)
So here are some tips that have helped me not die:
(I'm not a professional, so don't blame me if you don't tie your shoe and you hurt yourself. Or if you follow my 'advice' and die.)

Warm up. In the past when I've ran, I never warmed up. Despite what everyone says, I didn't see the point and would just start running, make it about one block, and then feel like I was completely dying. Now I do a warm-up that's between 5 and 10 minutes and it makes it SO much easier to run. (I think I'll post my warm-up session soon if you're interested!)

Push yourself because you are most likely not going to die from running too hard. I know I'm pushing myself pretty hard when my ears are sweating so much that my headphones won't stay in them. Gross but AWESOME. The first day that happened I was pretty disgusted, but now when that happens I just get pumped and I run even harder!

Pay attention to how you run when you listen to certain music. When I started running I figured I should listen to super fast and super upbeat tempos really loudly but oh, how wrong I was. All it did was make me super stressed out and it felt like my feet were always tripping up because they were trying to keep up with the music which was IMPOSSIBLE. Now I listen to pretty low-key stuff and occasionally I'll get in the mood to crank up my iPod with some Streetlight Manifesto.
If you put you iPod in your sports bra, make sure the side without the buttons is what's touching your skin so you don't break it. I clearly didn't, because my iPod got all sweaty and sometimes won't let me flip through songs. Laaame.

Know your limits. Obviously right off the bat you aren't going to run five miles, if even one mile! I know I couldn't even run 2 full blocks when I started running and it was pretty depressing. The last time I had ran was in 9th grade and I had like a 12 minute mile. Pathetic, I know, so I don't know why I expected I could run fast and far just starting out! I had to learn that NO, I couldn't run non-stop or I would burn myself out for the next week. Take it easy starting out, but still push yourself!

Make small goals. Even now, I'll tell myself, 'Ok, I just have to make it to that tree and then I can walk for 10 seconds.' It's the small goals that get me through my runs, and usually by the time I make it to that tree I realize I don't even need a break and I tell myself I can make it a little further to that house, then that mailbox, then the end of the street, etc.
Wear good shoes even if they cost a lot of money. Seriously. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have shoes that work for me. I used to go to the mall to get my shoes but I had no idea what I needed, and neither did any of the sales associates, despite what they say. Trust me, I worked at Lady Foot Locker and we would say anything to make a sale! If you're local, I HIGHLY recommend going to see Vince at Run Flagstaff downtown next to Absolute Bikes. He knows his shit, and he knows it very well. I've bought 2 pairs of shoes from him and they are great! I just got a new pair last month and my legs, back and ankles have never felt better after a run.

Pay attention to how your body changes. One thing that I've loved about running is seeing the transformation of my body and it's really encouraged me to continue running. When Vince and I were at a hotel in Colorado I looked at myself naked (hehe) in a full length mirror for the first time in forever and was SHOCKED at how my body looked. I wasn't toned at all! Since running, I can't believe how fast my legs got muscles, how great my ass looks, and what an amazing difference I feel energy wise. It's also changed my body in ways I didn't think it would, like giving me a stronger neck and abs.

So, that's all I've got. I'm taking running one day at a time, slowly but surely.  I'm going to be signing up for a 5k in November which I'm excited about! I'll be a running buddy to a teenage girl so I won't be timed or anything, but it will still be fun to participate in a 'race'. Maybe after that I'll sign up for a real one...


  1. I used to be a runner. I did 5ks and a triathlon and I was hot! Then I stopped and now, not so much... but I'm working on it! =]

    Glad to hear you're liking it so much! I'm excited to hear about how it goes for you and I wish you luck with all your fitness goals! 
    Also Ryan wants to know what kind of shoes those are. =]

  2. Ahhh, this is such a great post (^_^) I've wanted to take up running again but I'm kinda scared *chuckles* I started at the beginning of the year as a resolution but when I bought a pair of running shoes, I got really terrible advice from someone in a store, got the wrong shoes and ended up not being able to walk properly for two weeks (think ankles like tennis balls!) It's exciting to read about how good running is, how much you enjoy it and how you can see yourself changing as you go.  Methinks it's time to buy a proper pair of running shoes and get back out there!

  3. 1) I'm sure you're still hot. 2) Keep working it, you can do it! 3) The brand is Brooks. I had somehow never heard of them but Vince (my man) says they've been around for a long time! I usually go with Asics, but these are WAY better and I think a little cheaper? I'm not sure the exact style of them but they are awesome. I don't even need insoles like I do for every other shoe!

  4. Don't be scared!! That totally sucks about your shoe experience, though. I'm pretty sure I would be scared if I had that happen to me! Try going to a local store, they usually want to provide excellent service because they really need you to come back again! Sometime this week I'm going to post my warm up and how I started running and stuff, so maybe that will help you out a bit. =D

  5. Good luck! I completed an Olympic triathlon last year and this year I signed up for a half-marathon. There's only four weeks left and I haven't trained, though, so I don't intend to actually finish it. We'll see!