Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last weekend Vince and I and our friends Veronica and Ty took a little trip to Fossil Creek. It was SO beautiful and the temp was perfect! It's crazy because you drive through a bunch of dry land that looks like dessert, and at the very body of a canyon is the lush creek.

There was a little birds nest with a baby bird on the trail! It was so cute because when we walked by its mouth was wide open and it was waiting for the mamma to come back and feed it!

The first place we stopped to swim was beautiful and so fun. We kept trying to swim upstream and it was SO hard because the water is so strong! I couldn't believe how clear and green the water was.

And after hiking for about a mile, we came to the waterfall...

And guess what Veronica did? She jumped off the waterfall!!

She was so nervous, just like I would have been. It was so awesome to see her jump!

Before she jumped, Veronica, Ty, and I went behind the waterfall. It was SOOOO scary. The rocks were super slippery and the waterfall was so strong. I actually scratched the inside of my engagement ring because I was gripping the rocks so tightly! It was fun to get under it and feel how intense nature can be. I wish Vince could have come back there, but he was with Rox.

Roxanne hasn't ever been in water this fast and deep, and she was nervous. She kept refusing to go with us and would only come when we crossed the creek. She would try to follow us across and she just looked so scared! So Vince was trying to get her to be calm in the water, but she kept trying to climb up him. 

Driving home!

At the very beginning of the road that goes down into the canyon there is a HUGE dropoff. And I mean huge. If you are taking that corner faster than 25 mph there's no way you could stop and you'd fly over, which is what some people had done...

The car in the middle looked like it was relatively new. It was eery to see because you know they couldn't have survived. =/  Fortunately they put up a barrier on the edge of that corner now.

On the last stretch of road as we were driving, I saw something huge in the middle of the road. I asked Vince what is was and he couldn't tell what it was. We drove over it and as we did I realized it was a tarantula! 

We pulled over and went to look at it and a couple of the cars behind us stopped to see as well. One of the guys actually PICKED IT UP. It was so freaky! I guess there was venom coming out that everyone saw, but I didn't see it. 

Either way, it was a good end to our trip!


  1. Did you take the waterfall trail? I love fossil creek, it's so pretty and such a contrast with the green and the desert =)

  2. Aw that looks like such a fun day! I've never been to Fossil Creek but now I really want to go! It looks gorgeous and I'm such a huge sucker for waterfalls. 

    I think the last time I even saw Veronica was at her wedding and Ty a few months later!

  3. We didn't exactly take that one, it wasn't really a trail for part of the way. We crossed the creek at the very beginning instead of following the regular trail and then crossed back over about halfway through.

  4. Is there any quick way for you guys to get from Prescott to Strawberry? If so I recommend you go! Otherwise it would be able a 3 hour drive one way for you guys =/

    And that was a while ago that you saw them!

  5. Not that I know of, no. =[ I'll make sure I get to go at some point though!!!