Monday, July 18, 2011

First World Problems

I've been having some pretty extreme first world problems lately, such as:

I would like to drink a can of Pepsi for breakfast tomorrow, but I also know that I will want strawberries and ice cream for dessert after dinner. I can only choose one treat for the day, so what do I choose?

I really want to sit on my couch eating sunflower seeds, but I also want to take a shower so I can 'sleep in' tomorrow. (As if sleeping in til 7:30 is really sleeping in...)

I really want some strawberries and ice cream right now, but I drank a can of Cherry Dr. Pepper for breakfast, which I actually don't even like, but it happened to be in my fridge when I opened it this morning.

I want to cut out and put together all my wedding invitations RIGHT NOW, but I know I need to have someone look over the one I made before I print 50 in case I have errors. Which I probably do.

I wish I could just sew the perfect wedding dress instead of spending any kind of money on a regular one, but I have SEVEN weeks to do it in, meaning NO TIME. So I will have to pass on that.

I just ate a bowl of beans and franks, and the empty bowl is sitting on the arm rest of my couch. I keep smelling it, and of course it smells funky because it's beans and hot dogs, but I would also like to eat more. Annnnd I'm out of them.

Did I mention I would like a Pepsi right now, and not just for breakfast tomorrow? But caffeine make me NUTS and I need to go to bed soon.

I would like to sit on my couch and read blogs, but I also want to watch Numb3rs on Netflix. (And I want to eat sunflower seeds and I need to take a shower, like previously stated.)

I'm pretty excited about my writing challenge post I have ready for Wednesday. I'm actually excited in general about some of the writing I've been doing, which I've been forgetting to post, because I'm too busy doing real life stuff.

I would like to take my dog on a nice walk before bed, but after just reading that someone got STABBED a block from my house over the weekend by someone they didn't even know, I'm a little hesitant. Ok, a LOT hesitant. What the hell.

I don't want to fill my water filter with water, which my fiance didn't fill after finishing it. (Do I really want to marry him if he's going to do such horrible things to me?)

I have to pee, but I want to keep adding random crap to this post.

Well, the bladder wins, so good night!

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  1. Robert A CzaplickiJuly 18, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    I know a seamstress who might work really reasonably if you wanted to have something made from scratch. She is unemployed and has time on her hands and might be able to devote herself to your needs 100%.

    Let me know if you have any interest in my putting you in touch with her.