Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I got it done.

I achieved a goal today, a wonderful wonderful goal. 

I am so excited! The one thing about nursing I've been worried about would be if I could draw blood. I'm fine watching people get their blood drawn and I've always been able to watch it on TV and stuff, but I felt like if I couldn't even watch my own self get blood drawn, how would I be able to do it on someone?

So today, before I got my blood drawn, I told myself that I'd be fine. I've gotten my blood drawn so many times now that I don't really care about it, but I knew I had to watch it. 

It was interesting to watch because the lady didn't do it the typical way, which was a little helpful. She used a butterfly needle which had a plastic tube attached to it that led to the glass blood tube. 

As a treat to myself for watching, I drank a Pepsi for breakfast. 

The unfortunate thing about giving my blood today was that I already got my results back about my thyroid, which is broken. So I have to take medicine again, which I hate! It's hard to remember to take it three times a day. It'll be another good goal to achieve though, and I know I'll feel better than I've been feeling lately. To read a post I wrote a while ago about my thyroid issues, click here.

I also realized that no matter how uncomfortable I am, I will ALWAYS try and make my patient comfortable. When I was called back to get my blood drawn, the lady didn't say anything except: 

'You can sit there.' 
'Can you please spell your last name for me?' 
'Is your first name Steffani and date of birth xx/xx/xxx?' 
'Alright, you're done.'

And that was all! No hello, nothing. I also realized that 90% of the time I get my blood drawn, this is how it is. I try and make small talk, but they just reject it all! Now, I am a person who doesn't really like small talk, but I try and make an effort to do it with most people, because most people do enjoy it. So even though I don't like it, I'll be sure to pay attention to those types of things when I'm a nurse!

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