Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sorry guys.

A lovely friend/reader  mentioned to me that I haven't been posting a lot recently, and I AGREE. It sucks because this blog is such an awesome way for me to have a creative outlet {that allows me to sit on my couch}. 

I've been having some problems with my sister recently, and I've been really stressed and extremely upset about it. I hate it when one thing in your life isn't right, and it affects every other aspect of your life. Do you ever feel like that? It can even be something as simple as a test coming up, but it completely consumes your life.

Because I've been pretty upset, I have had NO motivation to do anything, let alone anything creative. Every time I would sit down to write, I would have something negative to say. I'm not saying that I always want to post about positive thing, because I don't! This blog is to document my real life. The good and the bad. The topic was just something I didn't feel comfortable talking about though, because it's not just my life but my families. 

Fortunately, our issues are {somewhat} resolved, and it feels like a small weight has been lifted. I feel happy enough to move on with my life, which means I have motivation.

Good, right?

What does this mean for you? More posts {that I hope you like} about things like Vince's new arm tattoo:

{Munchy is my nickname from Vince}

HA. Not really, I drew that on him tonight when I got home from work. It brought me back to my middle/high school days and made me realize that I need to do goofy things like that waaay more often.


  1. It's true, I haven't seen a Saturday Love in nearly two years, Steffani. TWO YEARS. Or months or weeks... something like that.
    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had some family problems for about ten months straight a few years ago and it was so hard to focus on anything. I felt like my writing suffered, my schoolwork suffered, my job suffered, my friendships suffered... my relationship with Ryan flourished, but everything else was practically destroyed by it. It's easy for people to say "Just think about other things," but your family is your life. Everything reminds of them and therefore your issues with them!
    Glad to hear things are getting better for you though and that you're back!

  2. I know, I've been slacking on the Saturday Loves haha I'll do one later today though. I have like 15 links bookmarked of things I've wanted to show everyone!

    And I've noticed that these family issues have made me realize that, once again, Vince is EXACTLY who I am supposed to be with! While everything else is falling apart, he keeps me together. It's been great in that aspect. Thank you! =D

  3. God I felt like that in Tucson, I was trying to find work and just couldn't get a job and I was always stressed out...and I ended up taking it out on the one person that meant the world to me and I payed to price. So I totally know what you mean. I hope that every thing with your family gets resolved! :)

  4. Not being able to find a job would stress me out too! I hate it when you take it out on people you love, it just makes you feel even worse. =/

    Everything is getting better so far, I hope it stays that way!

  5. I completely, 100% understand. When we were dealing with a family emergency last year, I stopped blogging for about a month. Sometimes, you just need a break. I'm so happy to hear that things are starting to look up, though! That small weight may seem well, small right now but it is a sign that better things are to come. I hope that everything works out and I look forward to reading more posts from you. <3

    P.S. I like Vince's new tattoo, haha! ;) It's cute.

  6. Ya breaks are so helpful!

    And thank you =D