Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Love

Oh my. Three posts in one day? I'm making a crazy comeback y'all. After today though, I promise I won't spam ya and will be back to one post a day. ;-)

I haven't done a Saturday Love in a while, though, so I figured I'd do one today! It's snowing outside and I feel like curling up on my couch with the laptop anyways.

In the beginning of July, I am going to hike the 16 miles of Half Dome in Yosemite Valley with my family and I'm FREAKING OUT. It's going to be so awesome! Don't know what it is? Click HERE to read about it and HERE to learn about the cables you have to climb up so you don't die. The reason I'm telling you this is because there is a guy who climbed the 2,000 foot vertical cliff WITH NO ROPE. He free climbed it. Watch the video HERE. I couldn't embed it, but it's so crazy to watch. It's a 2 minute clip, and I wanted to throw up the entire time because I was so nervous!

A friend told me about a Free Proctor and Gamble Brand Sample Pack! I'm getting a coupon for laundry soap, free tampons {every girl will need them at some point, plus they're free!} and some Head and Shoulders shampoo. Sweet!

{Found HERE via HERE}

{5} This post over at the Rhythm Method. She writes a wonderful post with great imagery about retiring to a little cottage on the beach  and "It will be right on the foreshore, exposed to the weather: so close to the ocean that our garden will be sprinkled in sand." Sounds wonderful with this current snow!

My brothers.

Emmy's poetry, especially the one about road kill!

The packaging for some earrings and a necklace I sold and shipped out last week from my Etsy shop.

Little Chief Honeybee's post about tattoo etiquette and NOT being a douche. Read it if you don't have tattoos!

{I REALLY really really wish I new the original person who took this picture, but I've looked for like 45 minutes for the origin and can't find it. If you know, tell me so I can give credit! I originally saw the picture through soulBACON.}

A recent episode on Grey's Anatomy WHERE THEY SING.
I cried. It was amazing. Watch it HERE.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! So glad you enjoyed my poetry! <3 <3

  2. Yay, so glad to see a Saturday Love again...
    and so glad to see my free link being spread around the web! =D

  3. Speaking of that, do you want me to link you or is it still private?! I'll totally link you but wasn't sure if you wanted me too.

  4. It's still private. I wouldn't mind it but I think there's no point because of that. =/

  5. Wow, I LOVE the tattoo etiquette post. It's so funny!! I patted myself on the back when I remembered I asked you before I touched yours! =D hahaha

    I can't wait to get my sleeve and tell everyone "I like mermaids" ;] lol

    I love Saturday Love and I love you!!!!!!!! =]

  6. Ya, I love Little Chief Honeybee! hehe And I don't care if people I know touch it, just people I don't know!

    You're so silly. I bet most people won't ask about your tattoo though in the same sense that people ask about others, like spools of thread. I would think a mermaid is pretty self explanatory! Although I would think spools of thread are as well...

    I love you too! =D

  7. Soon I'll have an RV so a new public blog! It'll be famous. Maybe. Probably not.

  8. I like all this things you mentioned! I love your earrings and their packaging! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. You are officially my new favorite person for letting me know about that P&G sampler pack. I LOVE freebies!! So I appreciate it much. :)
    Yosemite valley looks AWESOME. Since you live in Arizona, have you ever hiked Havasupai? My family did that a few years ago (without me) and ever since I saw their pictures, I've been DYING to go. I suck at hiking though.. haha

  10. Seriously, freebies are my favorite!

    And yes, I have hiked Havasupai, my favorite place ever. It's so beautiful! There was a lot of flooding the past few years so it's WAY different down there, and I want to go hike it again to see it! It's definitely a hard hike to do if your out of shape, that's for sure.... =P