Sunday, March 27, 2011

Salutary Sunday

Whew, I can't believe another week of my life is gone! It seems like it went so quick, yet dragged on for ever. I worked last Sunday for a friend, so I worked 6 days last week, which explains the 'dragging on' part.  

I made a few things for my Etsy shop, made some good food, and hung out with family, but other than that I haven't done too much this week.

Some food we made was delicious gluten free onion rings, shrimp tacos, and bacon covered hot dogs. HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN.


When I was at Walgreens on Friday picking up some meds and for some reason I had the urge to buy some bright and pretty nail polish. I love popping over to the blog The Dainty Squid because she always has such fun nail colors! {And hair colors. I really miss dying my hair shades of blue, pink, and every other color.}

For this week, I settled on 'Blue Me Away' blue, and I love it!

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and I only needed ONE coat. I was shocked. I'm used to having to put on like 5 coats to have a color this vibrant. I knocked my fingers on various things while it was drying {I'm too impatient to just sit} so it messed it up a bit, but I cleaned my house a LOT after my nails were dried and it didn't chip like I expected it to. So I definitely recommend this stuff. 

I also got a couple other colors, and I'm excited to use them!

Did anyone do something more exciting than me? Let me know!

It's naptime for me...


  1. Nope nothing more exciting here! Well...dyeing my hair blue :)..and greenish..and purple. :) But I'm being nerdy and doing homework! Love your nail polish! Is it because of work that you can't dye your hair bright colors anymore? Hearts, janna lynn

  2. I like that gunmetal color.

    ALSO BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS WOAH GOOD IDEA. But wait -- SHRIMP TACOS?! Why didn't you invite me?!

  3. I can't wait to see your hair! Post pictures soon! and there's nothing wrong with being nerdy; homework is what I'll be doing the next three years or so. =/

    It's ok if I dye my hair for my current job, but I stick out since I work in a library and with teens. It's not against the rule for me to do it, but I can see some parents not wanting there kids to come to my programs. The tattoos are 'scary' enough! It's also such a hassle for me to die my hair. I used to enjoy doing it, but now if I get roots I feel the need to dye it right away because it looks SO bad on me. Also, I'm going to be in the nursing program soon for school, so I won't be able to dye my hair then!

  4. Ya, I like that color too, I'm excited to use it! Maybe I'll just paint one nail that color and leave the rest blue, I just want to see how it looks!

    God, I love shrimp tacos. I think about them pretty much every day of my life!