Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Alright everyone, check it.

I work with an AWESOME lady named Bren. She's incredibly sweet, is always trying to help people out{she's the one that let me borrow the crate for Izzy!}, and is an INCREDIBLE mamma to 2 kids.

Her youngest, an adorable 15 year old woman named Kim, has cerebral palsy, therefor is in a wheelchair. She's had a tougher life then a lot of people, but it still all smiles every time I see her. She loves reading Franklin books and wearing crazy colors in her hair, but you know what else I'm SURE she would love?

A freakin' bath!

Ya know, the ones that are nice and full with bubbles and hot water that every woman loves to relax in?

Well, she doesn't get that luxury. As I learned from Bren, Kim is just too heavy to lift safely into a tub without the help of an electric lift. I know I couldn't lift a full grown teenager in and out of a tub. Could you?

Another issue, which is kind of a big issue, is that when the previous owners installed a big jetted tub {sweet!} they didn't upgrade the water filter, meaning the tub can't even BE FILLED with hot water. 

Now here's the cool thing: Bren has the opportunity to win a tankless water heater, meaning it's a never ending supply of hot water, PLUS she would get money for a bathroom remodel, meaning she could put in a lift for Kim! 

Bren has been chosen as one of the top 10 finalists, and she needs our vote. I've already voted 6 times with the different emails I have, but she also needs your vote. All you have to do is click HERE, select the third story down that starts with "Endless hot water would fill the jet tub that has been sitting empty..." and enter your name and email address. Simple as that! 

Please do it. Everyone deserves to be able to have a bath, especially someone like Kim. And I'm sure Bren would enjoy a soak in a big jetted tub. ;-)


  1. Yay Sara, thanks, you rock!

  2. Steff! You are such an awesome friend. Thanks for the amazing post and yes, Kim needs a bath!!!

  3. I was at a friend's house yesterday and she has one of those water heaters installed in her laundry room. She said it cost about $1600. I'm not sure if it's only plumbed for the laundry or for throughout the house. I would love to have one of those.

    Your friend could also get a larger water heater. If hers is very old, it's probably half full of sediment. That means it has way less water in it and also costs a lot more money to heat what it holds.

    I voted. I hope she wins. Gram

  4. For $1600 I would hope it would be throughout her house! I don't really know how much water heaters are though, so maybe that's a good price. It would be awesome to have one though.

    Thank you guys so much for voting for them! I really hope they win.

  5. Sweet!!!! I'll vote with my email and Ty's! I can make some random ones too lol