Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Love: Valentine's Edition

Due to it being Valentine's Day weekend, Saturday Love is going to be a little different! 

Vince and I probably aren't doing anything special for Valentine's Day because we show each other we love each other everyday so this will be my 'gift' to him, I guess. I know, gag. Get over it.

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Things I Love About Vince: 

1} I love it when he tickles my back! He always does it when we're laying on the couch and I love it.

2} I love that he wakes up in the wee hours of the night to let the dogs outside. I sleep right through it but he always manages to get up.

3} I love that he always is understanding of my food needs. When I first went gluten free he didn't really understand it and when someone would say, 'Well, you can just eat a salad right?' he would agree. Now he realizes that when we hangout with friends I need REAL food, and something that will fill me up. He's good at explaining my needs to his friends that don't understand so I don't always have to stick up for myself.

4} I love that he is fine with me not having everything clean, at all times. Sometimes I'll tell him I'm going to clean all day and he'll come home to a messy house with boxes of beads allover, and he's fine with that. He knows I love making jewelry and is understanding of that.

5} I love that he take out the trash. Do I need an explanation for that?

6} I love that he's good at throwing stuff together to make a good dinner. I make dinner most of the time, but when I don't want to he's pretty good about stepping up to the plate and taking over.

7} I love that he's so encouraging of EVERYTHING I want to do, wether it be exercising, making jewelry, sewing, photography...pretty much anything I want. 

8} I love that he's not too picky about how our house looks, decoration-wise. I always ask for his opinion, but he's pretty laid back, as long as it's comfortable.

9} I love that he tries to be a better person. We both have things about ourselves that aren't good for us or for each other, and we're both really good at talking to each other about it. He usually listens to me and tries to change things.

10} I love that he's always so positive. Every time I'm negative he's really good about trying to cheer me up or ask me what's wrong and he is rarely in a bad mood.

11} I love that he can't smell very good, so I don't have to worry about being too stinky. Because I do get stinky.