Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Fun

Friday was a perfect day with Vince. Since we didn't go on our Colorado trip, we spent the whole day together. We went on a hike with the dogs in the morning:

I had to wear my crappy chewed up shoes that didn't tie up all the way and had different laces thanks to Izobel.

It was HOT outside. There were chilly spots when we got in the shade, but other than that I was sweating in just a long sleeve shirt.

Izzy isn't as fit as Rox is, but she tried to keep up most of the way. As soon as we hit the halfway mark, though, Izobel got tired! She kept trying to lay down and rest.

Then we went and ate lunch at Tacos Locos and sat outside because it was WARM!

Then we went to Birch Ave Tattoo so that Vince could get his tattoo started.

Say goodbye to the arm!


Now I'm really excited to get my next tattoo! I'm trying to schedule it for next week. ♥

We spent a few hours there and then went to dinner. We were originally going to eat at Picazzo's because I've been craving pizza recently, but we got there are saw it was packed. We kind of forgot it was a Friday night. Instead, we went to Indian food, quite possibly our favorite food in the whole world.

After we ate we went to the store and bought a much needed vacuum, and then went home to watch Inception. That movie was crazy! I might watch it again today to catch some of the things I didn't really understand, which is something I NEVER do. I hate watching movies more than once, but this one had so much going on. 

And then we snuggled and fell asleep. 
Perfect ending to a pretty good day.

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