Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

I'm going to tell you a story about my love/hate relationship with Roxanne's cuteness.

Now Roxi is a love dog. She is the typical dog in the sense that she wants to be near me every single second, and when she's not near me, she's laying on my bed looking all cute.

When I walk in the door, she freaks out and jumps all over me, bows her head down and kind of paws at the ground, then drops onto her back so I can give her belly rubs while simultaneously trying to lick my face. She really loves to cuddle and tries to get all up in my face, whether I'm are eating, sleeping, or watching TV. She'll routinely stomp on the keyboard as I'm typing because she wants me to pay attention to her and give her loves.

{In case you couldn't tell, her paw is resting on my wrist after being stretched out in front of my face for 10 minutes, while her moist nose is fogging up the computer screen. How could that be comfortable for her?!}

When Vince and I are away at work, Roxane misses us. She displays this by bringing our shoes and stacking them in a pile wherever she is laying.

This pile was from the other day when I went to work and Vince was at home, therefore there aren't any of Vince's shoes. Vince just layed on the couch watching as she went back and forth with my shoes and then proceeded to sleep next to them/on them all day. She's such a sweety like that.

Tuesday night, however I needed to go outside in the snow and didn't have shoes. I was going to get the packages that were in front of my neighbors house {who was out of town} and put them inside so that they wouldn't get destroyed.

When I looked down at the shoe pile to put on a pair of shoes, there were no matches! Roxanne had conveniently stacked them up on our bed, in the kitchen, and in the hallway. So I did what any lazy person would do and I wore 2 different shoes: my winter croc on my left foot and my regular mary jane croc on my right foot.

Now why would I remember what shoe I wore on each foot? It is a little weird that I would remember what shoes I wore and on what foot, yet I can't remember someone's name even though I've met them 1 times. Well, I'll tell you. BECAUSE I ALMOST BROKE MY GOD DAMN TOE.

And it hurt. Still hurts, as a matter of fact. As I was walking back with the boxes, I couldn't see the sidewalk in the pitch black of the night and kicked something with such intensity that I cried and my tow instantly swelled up. {I think it was a rocking chair...} I of course kicked the object with the foot that had the soft croc on, not the hard winter croc. It simply sucked.

So I can't help but blame Roxi for the pain I am in right now. I mean, if my winter crocs were in the right place, I would not be in this pain. TWO days later!

But I do love this cute girl who likes to sleep on warm laundry and under a blanket.

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