Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I just read the sentence "You need a storage container, though,
otherwise you are just shoving junk under the bed and shit,"
on this hilarious website and....
it got me thinking about how I used to clean my room as a young'un.

My room regularly got dirty.
And I mean dirty.
I had sunflower seeds, drink cups, food, clothes...
Well, in order to get my $3 allowance every Friday,
which I would just die if I didn't get it,
I had to clean my room.

So I cleaned...
I just shoved everything under my bed.
That's cleaning, right?
Ya, my dad didn't think so, either.
He told me to put everything away.

So I did...

I moved everything to the closet.
Now, my closet was pretty big,
but it still couldn't hold everything that accumulated over
ONE WEEKS TIME in a kids room.
I leaned my entire body into the stack of crap
I had crammed into my closet and then
forced the door closed quickly while
remembering to get my arm out of the way.
I wasn't very successful at remembering that.
But my dad always opened my closet door.
And everything always flowed into the middle of my room.


Finally, hours after starting the whole cleaning process,
I would just put everything in its correct spot because dammit,
I wanted my 3 dollars.

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