Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Because I shouldn't keep it a secret...

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No, sorry, I'm not pregnant. I did come across a super awesome cold prevention, though, which is way more exciting to most of you!

I read the blog DIYNatural and one of the writers also has a separate blog, Matt Jabs. He posted a health tonic and it just so happened to be a few days before I started getting a cold.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling awful. I started getting the super exhausted, whiny, grumpiness I get before I get sick. Then I started getting all mucousy and had a bad headach from the sinus pressure. I started complaining to Vince and as I did, I remember Matt's post for his health tonic! I quickly rushed to the store for Vitamin C powder after some research told me that Vitamin C powder is different from a Vitamin C pill. (For one thing, Vitamin C powder is one ingredient and a pill has like 8...what?!) I came home, mixed up a cup, and gulped it down expecting it to taste awful. It didn't taste too bad, and Vince and I came to the conclusion that it reminds us of Emergen-C, just without the fizz. (And it's healthier!) Well, I wanted the fizz, so I made it fizzy with some sparkling mineral water. Here's a little how-to for the health tonic:

In a small mason jar or any jar with a lid, add 1 tablespoon raw honey(+ local is best!), 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar (you can get Bragg's from the regular grocery store and it's cheap and the best), 1 teaspoon Vitamin C powder (don't just crush up a pill!) and 1/3 cup water. Put the lid on and shake, shake, shake. If you used raw honey it will more than likely be a solid, so after shaking for a minute or two I let it sit for a 1/2 hour to dissolve, shaking every five or ten minutes. When everything is dissolved, I poured the tonic into a larger cup and filled it to the brim with sparkling mineral water for the fizz. This is optional! Sometimes I drink it with the sparkling water, and other times I just add a little regular water and drink it. It tastes good either way.

I drank some the night I was starting to feel sick, the next morning before I went to work, and then that night as well. I started off Friday feeling the same as I had Thursday night, still not 100%, but by Friday night I felt great! To be on the safe side I also drank one cup a day for four days after.

This will be my future go-to for when I feel sickly again, and I hope it continues to work just as well! Vince is feeling a little sick right now and I've been loading him up on this and elderberry. I'm also loading myself up, because there has never been a time when he's been sick and I haven't gotten sick. This test will tell!

I know a lot of you believe things like this are bullshit, and if you believe that, by all means, support the drug companies and buy yourself a bottle of NyQuil. I am no doctor and cannot tell you that this will cure you of anything, but it can't hurt, right? Vince and I now drink this a couple times a week, especially if we wake up and just feel a little off or need a boost of energy. He calls it the 'orange drink' even though it's not really orange and doesn't taste too much like orange? Either way, he approves.

Lastly, to those of you who are intimidated by the 'raw this' and 'raw that', don't be! I get my raw honey from the farmer's market and it's $12 for a quart, compared to $11 for pasteurized local honey. Only $1 extra for raw? Yes please. (And if you are buying 'regular' honey from the grocery store, I encourage you to do some research because you're not actually buying real honey!) Also, raw ACV? You can get it at the regular grocery store in the vinegar section! Can't get any easier than that.


  1. Perfect!!!! I've always used ACV for cold remedy but never thought to try vitamin C powder. That's brilliant. On a gross sidenote, how weird is this: I used to get UTI's all the time and now that I'm paleo/LCHF, I never even have any symptoms. I got really sick and decided I needed more oranges/citrus/C and started drinking OJ and a lot of EmergenC....and after about three days got the WORST pre-UTI symptoms ever. I was terrified so I stopped all the other drinks and the next day I felt fine.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip! It's winter here like, for, seven years a season so I will probably get sick again before its all over.

    1. All three together are great!

      And my guess for the UTI's is the acidity and sugar! There's even sugar in Emergen-C! I'm glad you discovered what might cause them and that you don't have them anymore! I've had one once or twice and is was SOOOOO horrible.

  2. I love this! We already use Emergen-C over DayQuil/NyQuil but I don't necessarily love all of the ingredients in that any ways so this is even better. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I stopped buying Emergen-C because of the refined sugar and Vince was so sad, but he said he likes this better!!

  3. thanks for sharing this recipe! I love me some acv!

  4. I'm going to have to get my Dad to try this, he has been run down for -weeks- and nothing seems to be helping him get better >.< Maybe it'll help perk him up some ^_^